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Golf is life


That’s what my dad likes to claim, anyway. I don’t know about that. But for Jean Chrétien, testifying at the sponsorship inquiry, the claim is probably more like golf is politics:

In one of the statements that particularly angered Mr. Chrétien in December, Mr. Justice John Gomery, who is presiding over the inquiry, said the fact the fact the sponsorship program was used to buy golf balls with the former prime minister’s signature on them “small-town cheap”.

Upon questioning by his own lawyer, David Scott, Mr. Chrétien’s pulled out a number of golf balls he said had been given to him by “small town guys” including one George W. Bush from Crawford, Tex., along with other examples of “small town guys” such as former democratic leader Al Gore, and former president Bill Clinton.

He also had golf balls provided to him by Ogilvy Renault, a Montreal law firm which includes Judge Gomery’s co-counsel, Bernard Roy. He said those couldn’t be called “small-town cheap” because the firm is located in Westmount, a wealthy district in Montreal.

Chrétien’s deadpan delivery of the parting shots to Gomery made his disdain for the whole inquiry process plainly obvious. I mean, do we really need to be spending 60 million dollars finding out why money was spent on golf balls?


And of course in more important news, Mike Weir won the Masters yesterday, becoming the first Canadian golfer to win a major PGA tournament ever.

Personally I am not particularly interested in golf. But living with a father whose motto is “golf is life”, I’ve picked up a thing or two about the game. And I suppose that with the Habs practicing their own swings while other, better teams compete in the playoffs, a little pride can’t hurt. So, uh, yay Weir!