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Bye bye Jacques


Looks like it’s finally the end of the road for Jacques Villeneuve, the guy who somehow managed to become a Quebecois hero in the process making underachievement into a veritable art form. It’s about time.


Grand Prix


By the way, for those of you who care, it was Grand Prix weekend here in Montreal.

The race was won by Raikonnen of MacLaren-Mercedes, and Quebecois hero Jacques Villeneuve came in ninth.

But the real “grand prix” went to the city of Montreal and its businesses, who took in an estimated $75 million in tourist dollars this week alone.


Race enthusiasts, start your engines!


It’s Grand Prix Weekend once again in Montreal. Despite scares that the race wouldn’t come here anymore, it’s back, and so are the glitterati that follow the racing scene. A walk downtown will be full of eye candy – both machine and human – for anyone seeking the excitement and fanfare of the weekend that […]

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Cigarettes bad. Alcohol good.


The Canadian Grand Prix will be coming to Montreal after all… after Labatt Breweries made a sponsorship deal to fill the financial void left by the ban on tobacco advertising: The deal announced on Tuesday by race promoter Normand Legault will see 29 million Canadian dollars (22 million US) paid to Formula One boss Bernie […]

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Grand Prix back, maybe?


Looks like we might be getting the Grand Prix back (via Damian). Not that I care much about car racing. But it’s fun to go downtown Grand Prix weekend to the street parties and see all the jet-setters with their fancy cars.

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