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Horrific news out of Orlando today. Hate crime, domestic terrorism, whatever you want to call it, at least 50 people are dead today who should be alive and well:

An American-born man who’d pledged allegiance to ISIS gunned down 49 people early Sunday at a gay nightclub in Orlando, the deadliest mass shooting in the United States and the nation’s worst terror attack since 9/11, authorities said.

Some thoughts:

  1. Saying that it has nothing to do with the victims being gay is to erase a hate crime by trying to cover it up or mask it. It’s disrespectful to the victims, who died simply because someone hated them for who they were. It’s erasure in retrospect, even if it’s well intentioned.
  2. Yes, it is about gun control. Sadly, I don’t expect this to have any more impact on the debate than the zillion mass shootings before this. At some point, America decided it was okay with the consequences of the “right to bear arms” and this sort of thing will keep happening. And happening. And happening.
  3. Trump is going to make this all about hatred of Muslims and hysterical fear of immigrants — even though the shooter was a domestic terrorist who lived in Florida. He’ll probably succeed, too.
  4. Don’t expect people to refer to a “cycle of violence”, at least, which is what the media would be doing if this were a nightclub shot up in Tel Aviv instead of in Orlando.
  5. There’s really nothing good to say. It’s all horrific and awful. My thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims.



The U.S. Supreme Court has been hard at work, ensuring that all Americans have the right the own handguns.

Of course, with fifty million potential gunshot wound victims without health insurance, one would think that the Founding Fathers might have anticipated the need for a universal right to healthcare in the Constitution too, no?


But on a more positive note


The world may be two steps away from nuclear destruction, but the good news is that Canadians won’t be able to shoot each other with handguns. Except the ones purchased illegally, of course.

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Charlton Heston to retire


Michael Moore must be disappointed that Charlton Heston won’t be around to make fun of anymore. He’s retiring as the president of the National Rifle Association, thanks to the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease. Moore may be an idiot, but that doesn’t make the NRA heroes. Far from it. This powerful lobby group has far too […]

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No labels for me


According to Elana S., I was the Site of the Day on I guess now would be a good time to re-state my positions on certain issues: Pro-choice, against religion in public schools, pro-gun control, and pro-social programs. I will resist being labelled until the end!

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Left, Right, or the kitchen sink?


In the time since I started this blog, I haven’t exactly shied away from controversy in my postings. But with all the issues being debated – Mideast politics, Concordia politics, the US and potential war on Iraq, terrorism – I seem to be getting the most critical e-mails about my post below on Jim Turnbull […]

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Idiocy on all sides


Idiocy on the Left. NDP leadership candidate Bill Blaikie said Tuesday night in a debate that he thinks that US President Bush “is planning every minute of his life to kill as many Iraqi children as he can in the name of oil or whatever it is that’s really on the agenda.” You gotta wonder […]

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Dumb reason to oppose gun registry


In the “stupidest reasoning to oppose the gun registry” category, this letter by Gerry Gamble in yesterday’s Gazette tops the list: In addition, the vast majority of car accidents and deaths are caused by registered vehicles driven by licensed drivers. Obviously, licensing and registration has been unable to stop motor-vehicle mishaps. So will how registration […]

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Violent crime surge in England


A surge in violent crime in England has been raising eyebrows. Mark Steyn, in an attempt to dismiss gun control as ineffective that, incidentally, I disagree with, claims that within 2 years, the murder rate in London will exceed that in New York (via Damian Penny). And Tom’s comment was “Britain is falling apart. You […]

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Charlton Heston gets statue


Charlton Heston, former Moses and poster boy for the NRA, got his own statue. The statue, unveiled Tuesday night, shows the actor holding a lariat in one hand and a rifle in the other. It was donated by members of the National Rifle Association, an organization headed by Heston. “I’m enormously impressed,” he told a […]

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