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It’s total devastation in Haiti. There are fears that the death toll will surpass 100,000.

Pretty much all the major relief organisations are accepting online donations, including MSF, the International Red Cross, UNICEF, and a special relief fund through Federation CJA. Please give what you can.


Hey, if the rhetoric works for the Palestinians…

Ousted Haitian leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide appealed from exile in Africa Monday for peaceful resistance to what he called the “occupation” of Haiti and repeated a claim he was kidnapped by U.S. forces.

Not that I’m supporting the rebels, mind you. Haiti’s a mess. But Aristide wasn’t much more of a “legitimate” leader than the rebels who outsted him, and his willingness to immediately tap into world hatred of Americans to get sympathy of the despots isn’t scoring him any brownie points in my book.


“Stablilization force” to Haiti


Once again, us Canadians, relishing our role as peacekeepers of the world, are stepping up – this time by sending a stabilization force to Haiti. “Stabilization force”. Hmmmm. So what does that amount to now, two guys to hold the net steady while the third shoots the puck?

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