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Kidnapped journalists released


Of course it’s good news that Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig were released unharmed. But Lynn B. is essential reading on the larger context here: My elation at Steve and Olaf’s release was quickly replaced by outrage when I heard about their forced conversion. The video turned my stomach. It should turn the stomach of […]

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Taking a moral stance?


L. Ian MacDonald thinks that Harper’s position on the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon is one born out of conviction, not out of politics: As Harper said: “There is a crisis because of the actions of Hamas and the actions of Hezbollah.” Exactly. Who kidnapped Israeli soldiers? Who fired rockets into Israeli neighbourhoods? […]

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They’re celebrating and dancing in the streets of Lebanon, because they’ve kidnapped Israeli soldiers and fired rockets. They see all-out chaos in sight, and they’re celebrating. In Gaza, Hamas is thrilled that they have more “martyrs” and more fodder for inciting hatred. They’re stepping up their attacks as Israel is caught fighting on two fronts. […]

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Olmert’s address to foreign media


In his own words, here’s Ehud Olmert addressing the world media: The main purpose of the Israeli operation in Gaza is twofold: One, is to take measures in order to allow the release of the Israeli kidnapped soldier, Corporal Gilad Shalit, and the other is to stop the Kassam missiles from being shot at Israeli […]

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Another day, another anti-Israel biased headline


Some things never change. Anti-Israel media bias is one of them. From today’s Reuters: Israel rejects Hamas ceasefire call. From the headline, the casual reader would make the assumption that big bad Israel is at it again, rejecting the perfectly reasonable offer of a peace-loving Hamas. Hah! Rocket attacks? Kidnapped soldiers? Terrorist attacks? The fact […]

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What’s missing from this story?


See if you can spot what crucial fact is missing from this Reuters piece on how the Palestinians are appealing to surrounding Arab states for aid money: Saudi Arabia and other Arab states are expected to speed money to the Palestinian Authority within days to help it pay its employees after Israel halted tax payments, […]

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Hamas funding choke? Don’t count on it.


The US will cut off funds. The EU might make some noise but will probably keep the money flowing in the end. And Hamas has plenty of other funding sources. Money’s tight for humanitarian causes. But to kill Jews? They’ll be lining up to write the cheques.

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Hamas’s election “victory”


With the victory of Hamas, the media is awash with clichés such as that the Palestinians have chosen “terror over peace”. As if Fatah was a true peace partner, committed to reconciliation and the middle ground. Bullshit. The Palestinian people have chosen one form of terror over another form of terror. The only difference between […]

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The Palestinian elections


Normally, this is a topic on which I’d have an awful lot to say. Right now, however, I don’t have the time to blog it. Another busy blogger, Allison, links to The Head Heeb for some analysis, number-crunching, and thoughts. There’s little I could add that isn’t being said all over the media or the […]

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Galloway’s idea of a “good cause”


British MP and general wackjob George Galloway has come under fire from Israel for promising to donate any money he wins from his participation on the reality show “Big Brother” to a terrorist front organization: The Israeli embassy last night became the latest critic of George Galloway after it denounced him for choosing Interpal as […]

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