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Saddam’s greatest cheerleader, Hans Blix, said that he doesn’t think Saddam will use chemical or biological weapons for fear of turning world opinion against him:

Iraq is unlikely to use chemical or biological weapons to defend itself from a U.S.-led invasion because world opinion would turn against it, chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix said Wednesday. “Saddam Hussein has certainly figured himself to be a sort of emperor of Mesopotamia, and the leader of the Arab world,” Blix said. “So I think he very likely cares very much about his reputation.”

Wait a sec . . . I thought Blix assured us that Saddam didn’t have any of those chemical or biological weapons.


More empty threats by the UN to Saddam Hussein:

U.N. chief weapons inspector Hans Blix said Monday that Iraq must begin destroying its illicit al-Samoud missiles by Saturday and he did not expect any more talks with Iraq on the issue.

[ . . . ]

Blix last Friday ordered Baghdad to begin destroying the missiles, their warheads, engines, launchers and other components by Saturday after concluding they exceeded the 90-mile range set for Iraqi rockets by a Security Council resolution.

But without the U.N. agreeing to take any kind of action if these demands are not met, this threat is as empty as a scrawny kid telling the schoolyard bully to stop stealing his lunch money “or else”.

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Iraq stands accused


For everyone who keeps claiming that there’s “no proof” against Iraq, this diagram from the London Daily Telgraph summarizes Hans Blix’s report: Via Damian Penny, who has this to add: In a sane world, this would be more than enough to make the case that Saddam has not stopped trying to develop weapons on mass […]

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Blix criticizes Iraq


In his report to the U.N., chief weapons inspector Hans Blix sharply criticized Iraq for not being cooperative with the inspections: “It is not enough to open doors. Inspection is not a game of catch as catch can,” he said. “Iraq appears not to have come to genuine acceptance, not even today, of the disarmament […]

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