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La Presse is now reporting at least 4 6 deaths in the Ste-Foy Mosque shooting. It’s just sickening.

We’ll know more about the suspect who was taken into custody soon enough. But this isn’t merely on the shooter. This is on all of us. We can do more — we MUST do more — to stop racism in its tracks.

Fellow Quebecers: We know this is not who we are. But just saying that isn’t enough. We must demonstrate it through our actions. These are our neighbours, our friends. We can’t claim to live in an open, welcoming and tolerant society and yet allow shit like this to happen. Standing idly by isn’t an option.

Fellow members of the Quebec Jewish Community: We’ve endured racist attacks against our own institutions, so we, above all, must act when our fellow citizens are facing the same sorts of threats. Let’s step up and prove that we oppose ALL racism, not only racism directed at our particular group.

To our MNAs, MPs and elected officials: Leadership sets the tone. Values charters, debates about head coverings, and debates on who exactly is a Quebecois all throw fuel on the fire. You, above all, have the responsibility to do better. Change the rhetoric.


The number of hate crimes reported to police increased by 42% between 2008 and 2009:

While hate crimes remain primarily motivated by race (and black Canadians remain the most-targeted by hate crime), the data also showed the number of reported hate crimes perpetrated against Arabs and West Asians doubled (to 75 from 37). There was also a 71 per cent increase in hate crimes committed against Jewish people.

Statistics Canada analyst Mia Dauvergne says two factors might have influenced the result: While there may have been a real increase in hate crimes, it is also possible that more crimes are being reported as police forces across Canada set up special hate-crimes units.

Regular readers of mine know of my general discomfort with hate crime legislation. We also know that these are the kind of statistics that, on their own, don’t mean very much; how a crime is reported is less about what happened and more about the circumstances involved.

But if this trend continues, it’s very disturbing. Especially when it leads to fostering of secondary hate, such as resentment between minority communities who are vying for the dubious label of “most victimized”.


Antisemitism is now a side-effect of drunkedness?


Warning to those of you who like a few glasses of wine with your meal: Apparently, virulent antisemitic ranting is now a side-effect of alcohol consumption. First, Mel Gibson. Now John Galliano: The French fashion house Christian Dior said Tuesday that it had started procedures to dismiss its chief designer, John Galliano, following accusations that […]

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Jewish Community Campus bombed


Just in time for Passover: A homemade bomb exploded in front of a Jewish community centre last night, causing a scare but no injuries or damages. The bomb went off in front of the door of the Ben Weider Community Centre on Westbury Ave. about 11 p.m., blackening the pavement outside without touching the building. […]

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This was not okay. And neither is this: Students and staff at one of Montreal’s largest Muslim schools expressed shock today after windows in their building were smashed and the school bus was vandalized overnight. “Parents are very angry and teachers are afraid,” said Principal Sawaf Layla, at École Les jeunes Musulmans canadiens where shards […]

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“Red Ken” Livingstone taken to task


London’s mayor will face a disciplinary hearing for his comments comparing a Jewish reporter to a Nazi concentration camp guard: Mayor of London Ken Livingstone could be banned from office for up to five years for likening an Evening Standard reporter to a Nazi concentration camp guard if he is found guilty by an independent […]

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Ahenakew has Order of Canada stripped


I almost missed this in all the other news, but convicted hate criminal David Ahenakew was stripped of his Order of Canada membership yesterday. Good. It’s about time. (Via Damian Penny).

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A sour taste


Native leader and antisemite extraordinaire David Ahenakew’s hate trial is underway. I’ve always been torn on the issue of hate speech legislation. Restricting freedom of speech can have potentially dangerous consequences for a free society, and it’s not something to take lightly. After all, restricting free speech means that someone has the power to decide […]

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UTT firebombing suspect pleads guilty


The case of the fireboming of the UTT library last April moved a step closer to resolution today, as the chief suspect in the case accepted a guilty plea to arson in exchange for the conspiracy charge being dropped: Mr. Elmerhebi kept his head bowed slightly and his eyes on the floor as the plea […]

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No hate crime charges for firebomb suspects


The suspects in the UTT firebombing last Passover will not be charged with a hate crime: Both Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) and B’nai Brith Canada say they will not press for hate crime charges to be added to the counts of arson and conspiracy against two young men in connection with the firebombing of the […]

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