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The CRTC has approved a broadcasting license for English Al-Jazeera in Canada:

I first blogged about this back in 2003, when media monitoring organisations were sounding the alarm about the virulent antisemitic content being broadcast on Qatar-based Al-Jazeera’s Arabic-language station on a daily basis, under the guise of news. The English affiliate doesn’t have quite the same level of bias – certainly, not that much worse than we see regularly from, say, the CBC or the Guardian, or on the other side, from the likes of FOX news. If there’s a demand for the service, and the content doesn’t cross the line, then I have to stand in support of freedom of information.

Besides, this is 2009. Anyone who wants content can get it, regardless of the CRTC’s decision. This decision is really only about whether satellite providers can charge for it, or whether people will have to access it online or through other methods.

I still haven’t forgiven the CRTC for all those years without HBO, though. Segacs to CRTC: this ain’t over, bitch!


The upcoming season will be the last for Six Feet Under, one of the few remaining quality shows on TV. Of course, it’s on HBO, which the CRTC has deemed too dangerous for our sensitive Canadian eyes. Still, I grew addicted when I had satellite and I’ll miss it.

It’s nice to see a show ending on a high note, rather than staying on too long and sinking into mediocrity.

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Canadian TV: It’s porn-tastic!


A Gazette reader has this to say about the widespread availability of porn on Canadian TV: Evidently, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is less rigorous in regulating Canadian viewers’ access to porn (Gazette, Jan. 4., “Canada leads world in TV porn”) than in allowing Canadians the opportunity to pay for Fox or NBC’s […]

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I want my HBO!


Rachel Marsden has a good idea for the united Conservative Party’s campaign slogan for the next Federal election: “Vote Conservative, get HBO”. Works for me. Frankly, I think that would attract a LOT of votes. Here in big-brother-land, where the CRTC promotes endless “Canadian content” (read: crap) and allows licensing for Punjabi and Tamil stations […]

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Dennis Miller’s back


Woohoo! HBO is bringing back Dennis Miller. For the record, I think it’s pretty low of HBO to cancel his weekly show, and then try to boost ratings by bringing him back for a “special”. But on the bright side, the show’s bound to be hysterical.

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