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I said it in my last post, but in case you didn’t get the message, here’s a repeat: If you’re not reading Imshin religiously lately, you need to be. As in, now.

Here are just a few reasons why:

There’s more. Much, much more. What are you still doing here? Head on over there and start reading.


Imshin is fed up, and writes why:

I started this blog in 2002 because I was so upset about the lies being told about Israel all the time. Lies being told and being believed.

I don’t care any more. It doesn’t matter. We’ve always had to look out for ourselves. Today is no different.

[ . . . ]

Brave kids are fighting for us in Lebanon, getting wounded, getting killed. Whole families have been sitting underground for weeks, many others are refugees. People are being killed and wounded in their homes, thousands of homes have been destroyed. By an organization described by some foreign media as a ‘resistance movement’. Resistance against what exactly?

Against Israel’s existence. They are quite clear about that.

The situation is that Lebanon has to burn right now if Israel is to survive. I’m sorry for the people on the other side, but that is the way it is. Us or them. In that respect we are not doing nearly enough for the enemy to get the picture. No, for the enemy to cease to be.

So I’m supposed to be bothered about the usual lies being told about us by our enemies, those who wish us to cease to be? Excuse me if I don’t give a $%^&!

Read the whole thing.

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Israeli election roundup


I know we’re heading into yet another election campaign in Canada… but, as all our elections are, it’s sure to be a real snoozer. So instead, let’s talk about the more interesting election campaign – Israel’s. Imshin is optimistic, sort of: There is something uplifting about what has been happening here in recent days. For […]

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Disengaged from disengagement


Imshin says we should not avert our eyes. She’s probably right. Israelis – and those of us who consider ourselves in solidarity with Israel – need to be engaged during this painful time of disengagement. But Meryl describes perfectly how horribly difficult it is: I have found myself unable to read the stories, or watch […]

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More on Harry Potter


Imshin’s verdict is that this latest Harry Potter installment is better than the last. I think the exact opposite. And judging by the comments section on her site, I’m not the only one.

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Essential reads


If you aren’t reading Imshin, Damian or Lisa regularly, you’re missing out. Do yourselves a favour and surf on over there now. There’s not much to see here anyway; I’m still in too-busy-to-blog mode.

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Fairly amusing


Fairly amusing in that so-wrong-but-somehow-so-deserved kind of way. (Via Imshin).

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Colour wars


We in Quebec are no strangers to colour wars in politics. Just three days after the sea of red at Canada Day, and ten days after the similar sea of blue at the St-Jean Baptiste Day celebrations, it’s hard to deny that complicated political and identity politics are too often reduced to a colour of […]

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Around the Blogosphere


Autonomous Source has a story that’s getting little press coverage but could have widespread implications. Debbye warns us that Carolyn Parrish may be staging a comeback, now that Paul Martin’s so desperate to inflate his ranks with just about anyone. Why can’t she just disappear? Imshin and Lisa both share travel tales. And over at […]

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The Israeli reaction


Allison is tired of the same old story: We’ve seen this movie before — the Palestinian Authority does nothing, Sharon and the government have no choice politically or militarily but to root out the terror itself, going into Gaza and the West Bank, resuming targeted assassinations, etc. And while they still say they are going […]

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