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Amnesty International’s broken moral compass


Amnesty International just keeps sabotaging its own mission again and again. The latest episode is today’s report on human rights, which blasts countries around the world for violations, singling out – you guessed it – the United States: Amnesty singles out the United States for shirking its responsibility to set a better global example for […]

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Enemies of freedom strike again


Two bombings in Iraq left at least 15 people dead today, as the enemies of freedom struck again: Twin suicide car bombs killed at least 15 people during the morning rush hour in central Baghdad on Thursday, cutting short what had appeared to be a lull in violence since elections in January. [ . . […]

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Army deserter denied refugee status


In a refreshingly sensible ruling, a Canadian immigration board denied the refugee claim of Jeremy Hinzman, an American who joined the army cause he figured it would be a cheap way to pay for university, and then fled to Canada when he discovered that – doh – he might actually have to fight a war: […]

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Horrific bombing in Iraq


With the daily news so dismal from Iraq, it’s hard for anything to shock us anymore. We dismiss bombings, shootings and kidnappings as routine. It’s like we’ve lost the capacity for outrage. But stories about children still have the capacity to jolt even the most cynical among us. And today, 34 children are dead, because […]

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Just another Tuesday


Terrorists publicize a video of the beheading of another hostage in Iraq. The nuclear threat from Iran continues to grow, because the Iranian government believes – probably rightly – that the US is tied up elsewhere and nobody else in the world will do anything about it. And North Korea flaunts its nuclear status. Meanwhile, […]

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Required reading


An absolutely compelling article appeared today by Australian Tony Parkinson in The Age entitled Why appeasement is always wrong. As the link requires registration, I’ll post the beginning. But you owe it to yourselves to read the rest. More than 100 schoolchildren in southern Russia are seized at gunpoint on the first day back from […]

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Say what?


I don’t always agree with L. Ian Macdonald, but I generally think he’s fairly intelligent. So that’s why I was so surprised to read, in the midst of an article expressing wonder that Kerry isn’t leading Bush in the polls, a nonsensical statement like this: There weren’t terrorists in Iraq under Saddam, but there are […]

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South Korea won’t cave


Who woulda thought? South Korea is refusing to cave to threats and kidnappings, resolving to send troops to Iraq despite the terror tactics: South Korea will go ahead with its plan to send 3,000 troops to help rebuild Iraq despite a threat from Iraqi militants to behead a South Korean hostage, the Foreign Ministry said […]

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More Iraqi violence


Another violent day in Iraq, as a suicide car bomber blew himself up outside an army recruitment centre, killing at least 35 and wounded another 150: Visiting the scene of the blast, Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi vowed his people would prevail in the face of mounting violence before the June 30 political handover from […]

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Iran playing with fire?


The U.N. is reporting that Iran is being less than forthcoming with weapons inspections teams: Iran is not fully cooperating with U.N. inspectors and must come clean about the full extent of its nuclear program within months, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said Monday. Mohamed ElBaradei said Iran’s cooperation has been “less […]

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