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Here’s Irshad Manji, once again refusing to be silenced on what she believes despite what I’d imagine is relentless pressure:

Still, as long as Muslims live in pretense, we will be affirming that we have something to hide. It’s not enough for us to protest that radicals are exploiting Islam as a sword. Of course they are. Now, moderate Muslims must stop exploiting Islam as a shield – one that protects us from authentic introspection and our neighbours from genuine understanding.

Manji has risked an awful lot to publish her besteselling book and a series of essays, give speeches, and become a visible force for change that has been too easily silenced through extremist intimidation. The least we can do is read what she has to say.

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Writer and journalist Irshad Manji gave a talk at McGill University last week, where she reportedly issued a challenge to the Concordia Muslim Students Association to join with Concordia Hillel in inviting her to speak there. MSA promptly turned her down:

“I challenge the Muslims and Arabs at Concordia to give proof of their love of democracy by inviting me to come speak and creating an open forum for debate and discussion,” said the 35-year-old Manji, who’s been labelled by The New York Times as “Osama bin Laden’s worst nightmare.”

When reached for a comment, the president of Concordia’s MSA, Ahmad Hussain, promptly declined Manji’s request for an invitation. “I don’t know why she didn’t extend the same invitation to MSA at McGill. It’s not fair and very provocative. She didn’t wait for the MSA.”

Hussain continued: “I think she’s angry with her experience with Islam. She’s a self-proclaimed scholar of the Koran and she doesn’t even read Arabic. Honestly, I think she’s looking for publicity. She’s quick and rash to judge and she’s not qualified. Her message is based on little more than rhetoric and personal anecdotes laden with speculations and generalizations. I’ve read many academics and journalists have dismissed her simply because the content of her message is unscholarly and unfounded as I’ve mentioned before. I think the only people who sponsor her speeches and hail her as “refreshing”, are those who already agree with her.”

Sounds like a lot of excuses to me. Could it be that MSA is afraid of Manji’s message?


CBC hires Irshad Manji


Believe it or not, traditionally anti-Israel CBC has hired Irshad Manji as a commentator on The National: . . . and the debut of someone who will be contributing some Point of View commentaries for us in the weeks ahead — writer and broadcaster, Irshad Manji. Judith, in a comment at LGF, wonders if someone […]

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Interview with Irshad Manji


This morning’s Gazette has an interview with Irshad Manji, the Muslim-Canadian author of The Trouble with Islam (which, incidentally, is on my Amazon wish list – hint, hint). Manji, a 34-year-old lesbian feminist from Toronto, writes about how Islam needs a wake-up call to shake it out of fundamentalism that has become mainstream, and to […]

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