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Bye Bye Svend


NDP member and Canadian MP (and general all-around pain in the ass) Svend Robinson is quitting politics:

The reason for the popular MP’s departure from political life was not immediately known. Robinson, an outspoken figure on Parliament Hill, became Canada’s first openly homosexual MP when he publicly declared his sexual orientation in 1988.

His aggressive stands on same-sex marriage, charter protection of gay rights and Palestinian autonomy – among other issues – have made Robinson a lightning rod for critics.

This is indeed big news. All the NDP members bother me, but Robinson is particularly annoying.

For the record, it’s not the “openly gay” or “protection of gay rights” issues that bother me about Robinson. Far from it. On those points, I actually agree with him.

No, it’s more due to things like this:

He was demoted from his international affairs critic’s role two years ago after travelling to the West Bank, staging his own detention at an Israeli checkpoint and then accusing the Israeli military of murder and torture.

“I plead guilty. Yes, I am taking sides,” Robinson said at the time.

“I am taking the side of peace over war. I am taking the side of the oppressed over the oppressor.”

Oh, and let’s not forget the time he nominated the ISM for a Nobel Peace Prize. Hey, I suppose they deserve it just as much as Arafat does…

Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out, Svend.


Why does this somehow not surprise me?

This year, The Link would like to dedicate the International Women’s Day Issue to the memory of Zahra Kazemi and Rachel Corrie. While various Link members and staff may or may not have disagreed with the politics these two women held dear, we all agree the violent deaths they suffered in their non-violent opposition to human rights abuses was tragic, and a travesty of justice.

This as part of the Concordia paper’s special Women’s issue, which was, as they put it, produced by throwing “all those who identify as men out of the office and allows the women a Women Only Space to complete production of the paper”.


Phonecall to ISM


If this is is actually true, then the ISM is a lot more than just misguided. An Israeli blogger claims that this is a paraphrased transcript of a prank phonecall he made to the ISM back in May (via Damian Penny): “If we send you money, can I be sure it reaches the resistance and […]

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Showdown between IDF and ISM


There’s an interesting article in the Jerusalem Report about the showdown between the IDF and the International Solidarity Movement: But now, say Israeli officials, things had taken a major shift for the worse. Their inquiries showed that the two suicide bombers involved in the Mike’s Place attack, both British nationals, had actually been hosted by […]

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Robinson nominates ISM for Nobel Peace Prize


Good ol’ Svend Robinson is at it again. The NDP MP has nominated the International Solidarity Movement for the Nobel Peace Prize: The nomination, published on the ISM website, was confirmed to the Jerusalem Post on Friday night by Jake Wilson, an aide to Mr. Robinson. In his letter of nomination to the Nobel committee, […]

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ISM harbouring terrorists


Here’s a real shocker (insert sarcasm): The International Solidary Movement is harbouring terrorists: Israeli troops raided the West Bank offices of the International Solidarity Movement on Thursday and seized a wanted member of the militant Islamic Jihad group, the army said. The army said the man was being sheltered in the Jenin offices of the […]

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