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Looks like it will be an Yisrael Beiteinu-backed Likud government.

One potential monkey wrench: Lieberman made his support of Netanyahu conditional on forming a broad-based coalition. And so far, Livni looks prepared to keep Kadima in opposition.

So, as they say, it ain’t over till Shimon Peres sings.


Speak Hebrew? Think you can fix Israel’s political mess? Try your hand at coalition building with this fun tool.

(Hat tip: Yonah.)


Surprising narrow lead for Livni


With over 85% of votes counted, Tzipi Livni’s Kadima has a narrow lead over Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud in today’s Israeli election. Netanyahu had a commanding lead in the polls and the election looked like it was going to be a wash, but Livni fought back and now it’s almost too close to call. Even if […]

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Israeli election update


Benjamin Netanyahu, whose Likud party holds a commanding lead in the polls ahead of next week’s Israeli election, says he wants to form a unity government to deal with “unprecedented challenges”: That’s election-speak, if anything. The game keeps changing and everyone feels like challenges are “unprecedented”, but a leader with some perspective ought to know […]

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It’s Bibi


Benjamin Netanyahu has won the Likud primary with 47% of the vote, beating out rival Silvan Shalom for the leadership of a party that suddenly finds itself in third place. When Netanyahu visualized the circumstances under which he’d regain leadership of Likud, somehow I don’t think that’s quite what he had in mind. Still, he […]

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Israeli election roundup


I know we’re heading into yet another election campaign in Canada… but, as all our elections are, it’s sure to be a real snoozer. So instead, let’s talk about the more interesting election campaign – Israel’s. Imshin is optimistic, sort of: There is something uplifting about what has been happening here in recent days. For […]

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Likud votes down coalition


A vote by Likud to reject a coalition with Labor to push through Gaza disengagement is being presented as a major setback for Ariel Sharon: Likud’s Central Committee, its decision-making body, voted by a 58% majority to prevent PM Ariel Sharon from negotiating with the opposition Labor party. By a narrow margin, even Sharon’s modest […]

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Minority government in Israel


Ariel Sharon is opting for minority government rule rather than trying to launch talks with Labor to form a unity government. It makes a lot of observers wonder. After all, the disengagement plan that Sharon is trying so hard to push through – over the objections of the religious right that formed part of his […]

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Israeli media reactions


A Ha’aretz editorial says Sharon’s leadership is over: From a position of leadership, Sharon yesterday became a prisoner of his ministers, who undermined his plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and the northern West Bank. The rebellion of four ministers – Benjamin Netanyahu, Limor Livnat, Silvan Shalom and Danny Naveh – who rejected even […]

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Religious versus secular divide


Meanwhile, while everyone in the rest of the world is focused on terrorism, Arafat, and Israel’s diplomatic skirmish with Syria, the real news in Israel is the latest chapter in the religious versus secular divide: The cabinet voted to dismantle the Religious Affairs Ministry Wednesday and transfer authority over the rabbinical courts to the Justice […]

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