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What if you held a protest and nobody came?

The first demonstration — of Palestinians and sympathisers of the Palestinian cause opposed to Washington’s support of Israel — attracted less than 40 demonstrators.

According to a quick head count by journalists, the protest attracted 39 demonstrators, 42 journalists and television crew members and three police officers.

A second, ostensibly larger, demonstration scheduled for the midst of the evening rush hour — was called by a group calling itself Students Against Bush.

Nobody turned up.

I’m sure Jaggi Singh will find a way of blaming the Zionists and the corporations for the massive failure of his protests.


Protesters Hooligans are at it again on the streets of downtown Montreal:

A handful of protesters, lofting wooden boards and metal dustbins, took out their frustrations on the windows of a Burger King restaurant, the American clothing chain The Gap and Canadian clothing store Jacob.

The demonstrators, 200-strong at one point, also smashed the windshields of two cars, a Porsche and a BMW, which had been parked on the street, and shattered windows at a building occupied by Canada’s armed forces.

This protest, against the World Trade Organization meetings taking place downtown this week, was billed as “child-friendly” and organizers renounced the use of violence.

Yeah right.

About five city blocks of downtown are shut to traffic because of the security concerns associated with these demonstrations, inconveniencing people who work downtown and virtually shutting down retailers and businesses. Not to mention the damages that the rioting and destruction are incurring.

How much do you wanna bet that the protesters, a la Netanyahu-riot, will blame the WTO for “provoking” their actions and renounce all responsibility? I’d say it’s pretty much a sure thing.

Update: Well, that didn’t take long. Organizers are defending the violence:

Another organizer, Stefan Christoff, defended the violence against the stores, saying the Gap is a multinational corporation that runs sweatshops.

“These are very legitimate targets, as the WTO is a legitimate target,” said Christoff, who denounced the police presence in downtown Montreal as a militarization of the city.

Police have arrested 100 people already, including Jaggi Singh, one of Canada’s most high-profile shit-disturbers.

I swear, these news stories could’ve been written weeks in advance.


Singh and company acquitted


A jury apparently believed Jaggi Singh’s and his codefendants’ versions of the facts, because they acquitted the three activists of charges of participating in a riot: “I had to believe we had a jury that could make a statement that it’s totally illegal and unacceptable to criminalize these people for democratically expressing their points of […]

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Singh: It’s not fair!


Montreal’s favourite whining activist poster-boy, Jaggi Singh, is still dancing the “I’m innocent” speech in front of a jury. Charged with participating in a riot outside the G20 summit in 2000, Singh has been defending himself, levelling the usual leftist allegations of police bias and brutality, a corrupt system, and the old standby, “it’s not […]

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Bagnall defends Singh


Janet Bagnall wrote an editorial in Friday’s Gazette defending Jaggi Singh. The thrust of her argument seems to be pretty much a parroting of what Singh himself loves to claim: that he’s an innocent victim being persecuted by the forces of evil. Jaggi Singh is a test case for Canadian democracy. Can he exercise his […]

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Jaggi Singh update


He’s been arrested yet again, this time in connection with the Netanyahu protests on September 9th. I must say it’s about time. Even I spotted him on the escalator from the the footage on the CBC news segment. How many arrests is that now, Jaggi? 5? 10? 20? Are you going to blame “brutal police” […]

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Not a publicity stunt? Yeah right!


Jaggi Singh now claims that his arrest in Israel wasn’t a publicity stunt. “This was not a publicity stunt,” he said yesterday. “I did not come here to get arrested – I came here to write stories. In late 1999 to 2000 I spent three months in India doing exactly the same thing. But nobody […]

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Jaggi Singh arrested in Israel


Jaggi Singh has finally been arrested by Israeli police, and is expected to be deported to Canada sometime today. After agreeing to an Israeli court’s terms to be let into Israel (stay only a week, no visits to the Disputed Territories), Singh flagrantly violated these terms and flaunted his lawbreaking to the international media. Israel […]

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Jaggi Singh enters West Bank illegally


After Israel let him in, even though they didn’t have to, Singh decided that laws were merely “suggestions” and that he could break whichever ones he pleases. He defied a ban on entry into the West Bank and is now bragging to the media about it. Singh told Montreal radio station CJAD he had violated […]

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Idiotarian of the Year


LGF’s Idiotarian of the Year contest is getting some excellent nominations. My nominees: David Ahenakew The Concordia Student Union (especially exec members Sabine Freisinger, Yves Engler, Ralph Lee, Aaron Mate, Sameer Zuberi, and Kealia Curtis as well as members of the council of representatives Jaggi Singh and his buddies (including Samer Elatrash and Laith Marouf) […]

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