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Golf is life


That’s what my dad likes to claim, anyway. I don’t know about that. But for Jean Chrétien, testifying at the sponsorship inquiry, the claim is probably more like golf is politics:

In one of the statements that particularly angered Mr. Chrétien in December, Mr. Justice John Gomery, who is presiding over the inquiry, said the fact the fact the sponsorship program was used to buy golf balls with the former prime minister’s signature on them “small-town cheap”.

Upon questioning by his own lawyer, David Scott, Mr. Chrétien’s pulled out a number of golf balls he said had been given to him by “small town guys” including one George W. Bush from Crawford, Tex., along with other examples of “small town guys” such as former democratic leader Al Gore, and former president Bill Clinton.

He also had golf balls provided to him by Ogilvy Renault, a Montreal law firm which includes Judge Gomery’s co-counsel, Bernard Roy. He said those couldn’t be called “small-town cheap” because the firm is located in Westmount, a wealthy district in Montreal.

Chrétien’s deadpan delivery of the parting shots to Gomery made his disdain for the whole inquiry process plainly obvious. I mean, do we really need to be spending 60 million dollars finding out why money was spent on golf balls?


So, on a scale of 1 to 10, just how credible is PM Paul Martin when he says he didn’t know about the Chretien corruption scandal?

The prime minister said he will leave it to the judicial inquiry he announced this week to find out which crown corporation officials were complicit in the scam cited in auditor-general Sheila Fraser’s report. But he left no doubt he intends to make those people pay.

[ . . . ]

Martin said any cabinet ministers who knew about the scandal but did not act should resign. He demanded anyone with information come forward.

Yep, and I bet he’s going to offer a reward to find the “real killer” too.

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Chretien to resign


This time he’s really leaving… finally! Prime Minister Jean Chretien announced he will leave office on December 12, allowing prime minister-designate Paul Martin to ascend to the office. “We have agreed the 12th of December will be the date when … the new government will be sworn in. “On the 12th, he (Martin) will be […]

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Chretien: Referendum on gay marriage is a bad idea


I am in complete agreement with Jean Chretien (for once) that the majority should not decide the fate of the minority. Chretien has stated that he thinks a referendum on gay marriage would be a bad idea: “I’ve done some referendums. I’m not keen on that,” he said, speaking to reporters in North Bay in […]

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Chretien sends plane to rescue Peres


Whoever else was inconvenienced by the big blackout, Jean Chretien was making damn sure that Shimon Peres made it home for his birthday celebrations: Former Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres made it home to celebrate his 80th birthday despite the huge power cuts in North America after Canadian premier Jean Chretien sent his personal jet […]

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Gay marriage debate heating up


The Vatican is saying that Jean Chretien will “burn in hell” for supporting granting the right to marry to gays and lesbians. I don’t pay Chretien compliments very often, but in this case it’s to his credit that, as a Catholic, he is choosing to do what’s right for the country and not succumb to […]

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While surfing, I stumbled upon this great index of Jean Chretien quotes that expose just how bumbling and brain-dead he actually is. The index includes such gems as: Mr. Chrétien discusses the sensitive issue of control of Jerusalem. “I don’t know if I am in West, South, North or East Jerusalem right now.” It is […]

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Canada’s reaction rings hollow


Among the reactions to the Riyadh bombings, predictably, the only ones with any teeth are coming from the countries who have proven willing to back up their talk with action. Canada’s reaction is ringing especially hollow: “I want to express my outrage at what happened in Saudi Arabia,” Chretien said. He said some of the […]

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Chretien: U.S. criticism plays into Saddam’s hands


Jean Chretien said it’s pointless to criticise the U.S. about Iraq, because it just plays into the hands of Saddam Hussein: “At this point I think there is no use debating the reasons why some people think war is necessary and some people think it is not. We should not say anything that would comfort […]

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And Canada’s out


Canada will not be playing any role in a US-led attack on Iraq, expected to be launched this week, according to Jean Chretien. Not that we would have had much to contribute . . . but by making this statement, Chretien is saying that he doesn’t support the US and its allies over the UN. […]

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