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Speaking of idiotic comments by Canadian politicians . . .


Jean Chretien said yesterday that war in Iraq is not necessary, because Bush already won: A war against Iraq over banned weapons is not necessary because the U.S. has already won, Prime Minister Jean Chretien told ABC Television in an interview broadcast Sunday. He said credit should go to President George W. Bush and British […]

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Chrétien off the fence


Well, looks like Chrétien finally got off the fence . . . but on the wrong side: Prime Minister Jean Chrétien says Canada will not be part of the U.S.-led “coalition of the willing” in a war against Iraq unless the United Nations authorizes military action. After weeks of dodging questions about Canada’s position, Chrétien […]

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New reader poll


Who’s the greatest fence-sitter? Jean Chretien on war against Iraq? Mario Dumont on Quebec sovereignty? Current Results I know it’s a tough question. Please, vote carefully.

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Francoise Ducros resigns


Françoise Ducros, Chrétien’s “moron” communications director, has resigned. Unlike the first time she submitted her resignation, Chrétien accepted it this time. And not a moment too soon. Never mind the political fallout and the fact that Americans are claiming insult. But, I mean, come on, this woman’s job involved being able to be in a […]

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She knows a thing or two about morons


Tommy Schnurmacher gives his take on Françoise Ducros, PM Jean Chrétien’s communications director who reportedly called US President Bush a moron: She’s the communications director for Chrétien, the man who said that ‘a proof is a proof is a proof is a proof’. I guess she knows a thing or two about morons. Point taken. […]

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Not such a moron after all


Via Stephanie: Our idiot PM now says that he doesn’t think Dubya’s such a moron after all. Apparently, Jean Chrétien’s communications director made a comment to that effect, speaking at a NATO summit in Prague. I guess Chrétien realized that maybe it’s not such a great idea to go around trading insults with the leader […]

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