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The student tuition protests have dragged on for 14 weeks now and show no sign of ending anytime soon. With the city under siege and anger rising, the media has been flooded with analysis and op-ed pieces of all stripes. But there are some things that nobody’s saying, probably because they’re afraid to rock the boat. That doesn’t make them any less true, though.

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Our roads, bridges, overpasses, underpasses, interchanges, heck, pretty much all of our infrastructure is coming apart at the seams. This weekend’s collapse of part of the Ville-Marie Expressway was only the latest incident in a long list of signs that our road system is literally falling apart.

Cartoonist Yvon Roy has proposed three new designs to Transport Quebec for road signs:


The critical problems with the Ville-Marie were known about as early as 2008. And, as with the Turcot, the Champlain Bridge, the Mercier Bridge, and – tragically, the De La Concorde Overpass that collapsed in 2006, city and provincial officials are long on finger-pointing and blame, and short on solutions.

The best example of a picture saying a thousand words might have come from the Catholic Church, which, last April, posted a billboard urging people to pray before driving across the Champlain Bridge.

Looks like when Josh Freed predicted that we might soon be prisoners on the island of Montreal, he was a little too close to the mark.


The world’s biggest sport


…but not Canada’s. As the rest of the globe prepares for tomorrow’s World Cup final, Montreal is not entirely quiet. Flag-spottings and car-honkings are a lot more prevalent than I’d expected, especially given Italy’s presence in the big game. But soccer is still nowhere near the sport here that it is in most other places […]

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Josh Freed on multitasking. So true.

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WHO may lift Toronto travel ban


The WHO may lift the Toronto travel ban that was controversially imposed last week: WHO spokesman Dick Thompson told CBC television that the organization would review Canada’s handling of the flu-like virus on Tuesday and make a decision on lifting the order that was to last three weeks. “There is a chance the advisory could […]

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I want a double!


Josh Freed thinks it would be kinda cool if we all had doubles, like Saddam.

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