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In an article at JWR, Jonathan Tobin criticizes the “self-righteous Diaspora lecturing” coming from people outside Israel who think they know better than the Israeli leaders how to solve the Mideast problems.

American Jews are fully entitled to their opinions about Israel, its leaders and its policies. All are open to criticism. In particular, Sharon is no more above reproach than his equally flawed opponents.

But what is needed from Diaspora critics is a greater degree of humility about their views on the situation in Israel. Most Israelis I speak to have discarded ideological cant in favor of hard-headed realism. Events have caused many who once were firmly on the left and the right to re-examine their beliefs. But many American Jews seem incapable of this exercise.

By all means, let us discuss and even debate Israel’s limited options. But let us have an end to the self-righteous Diaspora lecturing that Israel neither needs nor wants.

That’s all very well and good, but I don’t think that anything will stop people from having their opinions – nor should it. As long as people keep brainstorming, maybe someone will eventually come up with a new idea. G-d knows they could use a few.


Jackie Mason and Raul Fender explain the fallacy of rewarding Palestinian terror in a JWR column entitled “Kill Jews, get your own country”:

It is no accident that the Arabs are not concerned with public opinion while killing our people, but we are terrified of public opinion before we dismiss them from our country. Somehow, we have become intimidated into believing that we are obligated to give them a place to live, and we have no right to throw them out just because they are killing our people.

It is about time we realize that public opinion is nothing but publicly expressed anti-Semitism and appeasing public opinion makes as much sense as Chamberlain’s appeasement of Adolf Hitler. Jews dying in Israel disturbs them as much as watching your neighbor killing a cockroach, even if it doesn’t fill you with pleasure you certainly don’t feel remorse about it. That is why when suicide bombers kill hundreds of Jews not a word of protest is ever heard, but when we try to defend ourselves by retaliating against our killers the U.N. immediately is called in an emergency session to protect our assassins.

We are brain-dead if we accept the idea that we have to guess which Arab is our next killer. We are not obligated to victimize ourselves by letting the Arabs play Russian roulette with Jewish lives. Israelis are constantly asked the same obnoxious question ” How can you throw the Arabs out, where would they go?” The answer is if they don’t care whom they kill, why are we obligated to care where they go?

If a gang of killers lived across the street, would you allow them to keep throwing bombs through your window until you can find them another apartment? Are we morally obligated to become a real estate agent for every Arab suicide bomber? We are not obligated to accept a new, slower Holocaust as the inevitable fate of our people. Jordan did not take a poll of world opinion and neither did Kuwait before they routed the Palestinians out of their countries.

America did not wait for public opinion to take whatever action was necessary to protect their country, and there is no reason why we should be afraid to do what is necessary to protect the state of Israel.

Agree or disagree, it’s worth a read.

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