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Jerusalem, New York, Bali . . . now Kenya has been added to the list. Suicide bombers blew up a hotel in Kenya that catered to Israeli tourists, killing 11 people plus themselves. The three Israelis killed included two children, brothers aged 13 and 12.

Al Qa’eda is being blamed for the attack. The Palestinian leadership is seizing on the opportunity to distance itself from the whole thing:

“There is no connection whatsoever between these unfortunate events in Kenya and the Palestinian people or authority,” Palestinian Labour Minister Ghassan Khatib told The Associated Press.

That’s just bullshit. The Palestinian terror organizations have nothing to learn from Al Qa’eda on how to target innocent civilians. They just assume that as long as they target them in Israel, and not abroad, they can get away with it by demonizing Israel in the international press. But the lesson here is that if terror is not stopped in Israel, it will spread – to Bali, to Kenya, even to our own backyard.

The victims don’t care about political alliances, or which group is responsible for the attacks. Their families don’t care. All they care is that their loved ones and friends are dead, for no reason other than their nationality or religion or just plain bad luck, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Beyond that, little matters. But the world needs to take note: terror will spread as long as it keeps winning. It will stop when it starts losing. Any government who preaches appeasement or wants to give in to the demands of the terror groups can consider itself partially responsible for today.

Update: Media sources are now reporting that 14 people have been killed, and more than 80 wounded. It is unclear whether these figures include the three suicide bombers. Also, simultaneously to the attacks, missiles were fired at an Israeli plane, but thankfully missed.

This attack took careful planning and execution. This was no case of an angry extremist going nuts, the way the Palestinian propaganda groups tend to portray suicide attackers against Israelis. This was a coordinated, calcluated attack by a network with a lot of experience. But then, so are the attacks in Israel – the terror network is many things, but it is not haphazard nor is it crazy. Terror is being used as a weapon, and legitimatizing this weapon will only lead to its increased use.