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So what really happened in the game of “the tree was on my property” that broke out on the Israeli-Lebanese border yesterday, resulting in a lethal exchange of fire? Pajamas Media takes a crack at deciphering the finger-pointing and media spin games. And the Jerusalem Post has more on UNIFIL’s role in this mess.


300,000 people turned out in Beirut to honour assassinated ex-premier Rafik al-Hariri’s memory and protest Syrian attempts at control in Lebanon.

It’s looking more and more like Lebanon is headed towards yet another “civil war” – or at least, that’s what the media will insist on calling it. The same media that gives Hezbollah credibility as a “Lebanese opposition party”.


Lebanese “opposition”?


Beirut is on fire. The war between Lebanon and Syria is once again coming to a head, with Hezbollah fighting for Syria by proxy. Today’s “strike” was initiated by Hezbollah to escalate the fighting. The aim of Hezbollah is to topple the Lebanese government and take over Lebanon for Syria. It has never made any […]

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Growing respect for Harper


Here’s Stephen Harper’s latest move at the Francophonie: Harper angered Lebanon and an assortment of other Arab, Muslim and French-speaking states in a meeting to draft a political declaration on this summer’s war between Israel and Hezbollah. Canada’s rookie prime minister vetoed an amendment to a statement that said the 53-member organization “deplored” the effect […]

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No reasoning with Hezbollah (update)


Update on the stories below: Stephen Harper backed Jason Kenney on his comparison of Hezbollah to the Nazis, claiming it was “fair”: “Like all comparisons, it’s true in some ways, and not in others,” he said, “but as near as I can tell, both Hezbollah and the Nazi party stand for the elimination of the […]

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No reasoning with Hezbollah


This editorial appeared in today’s Gazette in response to the 3 Canadian MPs who called for the removal of Hezbollah from the list of terror organizations: They appear to be typical of an alarming number of Canadians who think that compromise, which works so nicely in Canada, can work as well everywhere. But in Canada […]

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Some truth


Good letter in today’s Gazette: How can a terrorist group that provokes a war subsequently claim to be “resisters” when the going gets tough? This utter hypocrisy is echoed by Lebanon’s prime minister, who initially claimed to be held hostage by Hezbollah, only to proclaim subsequently his outright support for the terrorist group. How in […]

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Cease-fire update


So let’s see, what can be said about the past 48 hours? Israel has begun pulling out of Lebanon. But the UN peacekeeprs aren’t going in – and nobody’s willing to hold Hezbollah to its obligations. In the meantime, the Lebanese army is moving to take positions in South Lebanon… but not to displace or […]

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Cease-fire round-up


Meryl gives it a D. Allison believes Ehud Olmert’s days as PM are numbered. In an op-ed in Ha’aretz, Moshe Arens claims that Israel’s war was too much for its leaders to handle. The Jerusalem Post reports that Hezbollah has been strengthened immeasurably. Yoram Kaniuk in Ynet writes that the IDF lost this war and […]

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A fight for survival


Imshin is fed up, and writes why: I started this blog in 2002 because I was so upset about the lies being told about Israel all the time. Lies being told and being believed. I don’t care any more. It doesn’t matter. We’ve always had to look out for ourselves. Today is no different. [ […]

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