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Why does this somehow not surprise me?

This year, The Link would like to dedicate the International Women’s Day Issue to the memory of Zahra Kazemi and Rachel Corrie. While various Link members and staff may or may not have disagreed with the politics these two women held dear, we all agree the violent deaths they suffered in their non-violent opposition to human rights abuses was tragic, and a travesty of justice.

This as part of the Concordia paper’s special Women’s issue, which was, as they put it, produced by throwing “all those who identify as men out of the office and allows the women a Women Only Space to complete production of the paper”.


Quote of the day


This comes from Mazin Fahmawi, a regular poster on the Link’s board and an SPHR member:

SPHR would love to see the link unbiased towards anybody because that will only show the true faces of what SPHR represents, making the public aware of the Palestinian Human Rights abuses, and what Hillel represent, a blind nationalist zionist ideology.

I could comment, but that pretty much speaks for itself.


Weekend update


I hope everyone had a nice weekend, spending time outside enjoying the beautiful weather. In case you’re looking for some entertainment, check out the Link’s board for more on the story below, and a very indignant Adam Slater initiating a pissing contest. Reading the interaction I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at the […]

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SPHR takes over Link


I guess it’s not enough for SPHR that most of the middle east doesn’t have a free press. Now they’re trying to control the student press at Concordia, as Link editor Steve Faguy explains in his journal entry, “SPHR takes over Link . . . again”: Allow me to vent. Being the editor-in-chief of a […]

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SPHR making threats


Well, this is a bald threat if I’ve ever heard one: The SPHR and other activist groups are threatening a protest that will “make the September 9 protest look like nothing” in order to voice their displeasure with the election of Evolution to the CSU: In an attempt to send a message to the both […]

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Bias on American campuses


Larry Elder writes in this week’s JWR about an overwhelming Leftist bias among professors at American universities: On college campuses across America, teachers influence students by running down America, demeaning capitalism, exaggerating “oppression” against minorities and women, and denouncing Republicans in general and George W. Bush in particular. Actually, there is a dangerous trend in […]

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What’s in a name?


In a discussion on the Link’s website, I noticed something I’d seen in a few places before: an anonymous pro-Palestinian poster (alias “ii”), when referring to Israeli PM Ariel Sharon, felt it necessary to include the fact that his birth name was Schneinerman in parenthesis. I asked him why he felt the necessity to do […]

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Concordia Hillel update


Back from my quick trip to Toronto. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me to update me on the Concordia Hillel situation. For those who may not have heard, at last night’s council meeting, the CSU voted to restore Hillel’s tabling and operations privileges, but they’re still withholding their funding until Hillel agrees to sign an […]

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More Concordia Resources


More Concordia resources for any of you who may be visiting my site from outside Montreal and wish to learn more about what’s been going on at Gaza U. You can get a good sense at the Link’s website, but most of it will probably make your stomach turn. To help, I’ve assembled a list […]

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The foolishness of the “professional activists” at Concordia


The foolishness of the “professional activists” at Concordia has never been more apparent than with the following comment, published in this week’s Link: “I boycott everything that involves corporations,” said Jennifer Durocher, a first-year anthropology and history student. “I think everything in this world should be boycotted.” Good. Let’s boycott everything. I’ll go first: I […]

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