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Collective Soul’s first studio release in 4 years, Youth, was released today. The band ain’t the same without Ross. But Joel does a decent fill-in job and this is a solid musical achievement for the guys after their hiatus and split with their record label.

Also, Live released their greatest hits CD/DVD, Awake.


Great show!


Just got back from the Live show at Metropolis. Wow that was a great concert!

I’ve seen Live four times now, and each time just keeps getting better.

They played most of their hits and a lot from the new album. Definite highlights were Selling the Drama, Lightning Crashes, and The Dolphin’s Cry. The band played two encores, and even that wasn’t enough for the crowd, who had been lining up around the block for hours before the show.

Even Emm Gryner wasn’t half bad as an opening act. Obviously, none of the fans knew or cared who she was, but at least she put on a decent effort. (Although her slow piano cover of Ozzy’s “Crazy Train” was just plain wrong.)

After it was over, I waited by the tour bus and got autographs and photos from Ed and Adam. Chad, Patrick, and Chad went straight into the van and didn’t stop to chat, but I guess they were tired, and they’re heading to Holland next. But Ed was very gracious, chatting with all the fans and signing autographs.

A good concert can make you forget the real world and just live in the moment for a couple of hours. By those standards, this show was absolutely amazing!


Live coming to Montreal


Live is coming to Montreal at the end of the month. Woohoo! Gotta get my tix.

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New Live CD


The new Live CD, Birds of Pray, and it’s awesome. Back to the band’s rock roots, with great songs and full of instant classics. Well, except for the last track, an anti-war anthem called “What are we Fighting For?” that just makes me want to scream at Ed, hey, you’re fighting for the right to […]

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