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Of course it’s good news that Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig were released unharmed. But Lynn B. is essential reading on the larger context here:

My elation at Steve and Olaf’s release was quickly replaced by outrage when I heard about their forced conversion. The video turned my stomach. It should turn the stomach of every American and every person of whatever nationality who believes that the concepts of liberty and freedom have any value and any meaning. What sort of religion, in this day and age, would demand converts at the point of a gun or the blade of a sword? What sort of religion would even want such “converts?”

In any event, as has been pointed out elsewhere (and it was my first thought after hearing about this “forced” conversion), Centanni and Wiig are now marked men if they retract their coerced statement of faith. That would make them apostates under Islamic doctrine, subject to the death penalty at the hand of any devout Muslim who wishes to glorify Allah by carrying out the sentence. So it isn’t over. Not by a long shot.

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They’re celebrating and dancing in the streets of Lebanon, because they’ve kidnapped Israeli soldiers and fired rockets. They see all-out chaos in sight, and they’re celebrating.

In Gaza, Hamas is thrilled that they have more “martyrs” and more fodder for inciting hatred. They’re stepping up their attacks as Israel is caught fighting on two fronts.

In Israel, nobody is celebrating. Olmert is talking and reacting tough against Lebanon; Bush is including Syria and Iran in his warnings.

The powder keg is simmering, and appears to be nearing a boiling point.

Lynn asks, is it war yet?

If it is, I have no doubt that Israel will stand strong and do what is required, but I cringe nonetheless. Anxious parents with sons and daughters in the IDF know that the country will not cave or yield, but it doesn’t make the situation any easier. I fear this is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets any better.

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We all knew this would happen, but it’s still hard to witness


The situation in Gaza post-pullout is pretty much what most rational people predicted, and is a shattering disillusionment for those who’d held out hope that the pullout would jump-start the peace process. Meryl, of course, is all over the story – here, here, and here are a few recent postings. And Lynn had no illusions […]

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Terri Schiavo


I didn’t want to post on the death of Terri Schiavo, mainly because every media outlet and op-ed writer and blogger has already said way too much. But watching the media circus surrounding her last days, I have to pause to express my disgust. The whole thing is so sad. This was a family battle, […]

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The “obstacle to peace” argument


Here’s Lynn on speculation that Arafat’s death will bring an immediate opportunity for peace: There seems to be a broad assumption among the pundits these days that the (acknowledged) passing of Arafat will open the door for peace. [ . . . ] Allow me to rain heavily on this parade. The poison that Arafat […]

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Blogosphere roundup


I haven’t done this in a while, and I think some of my fave bloggers are feeling neglected. Not that they care about the 2 hits they’ll get from these links, but hey, I think they’re great reads… so you should too 🙂 Lynn is not impressed by Arafat’s mea culpa and neither is Meryl. […]

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Lynn’s taking a break


Lynn B. is taking a break of unknown duration, to try to sort things out: When I started this blog, it was in the hope that it would help me to make some sense out of the bloodbath being perpetrated against Israel and the inexplicable indifference and even approval with which most of the rest […]

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The Blogosphere on North Korea


As suspected, most of the major news outlets gave the North Korea story (see below) a cursory, back-page treatment. I implored the blogosphere to do better. And some, at least, have. Damian Penny wrote about the “People’s Democratic Republic of Death Camps”. David Janes astutely observed that “there’s no obvious way to blame the US […]

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Around the blogosphere


A close call for Meryl Yourish and I don’t blame her for being freaked out. Paul recounts his struggle to explain technology to octogenarians. And Damian contemplates life on Mars. (I can think of a few people we could ship there to start colonizing the place, personally. Though I doubt if a spaceship with Michael […]

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Around the blogosphere in 60 seconds


While I’ve been procrastinating, others have been posting. Damian has the latest on the politician who just won’t leave office, and Paul has a few thoughts on the corruption within the Liberal government under said politician’s leadership. Steve has the shoot-an-FLQ-terrorist video game . . . and the offended reaction of a bunch of separatists […]

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