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martha stewart

Martha Stewart, as a convicted felon, is not being allowed into Canada. And it’s a better country because of it.

However, reports say she may still get a special permit, issued, presumably, on the basis of being “really really rich and famous”.


Martha’s guilty. “And that’s a good thing”.


Mocking Martha Stewart


What is it about Martha Stewart that makes her so satisfying to make fun of? Martha Stewart took her defence straight to the public Thursday, writing in a newspaper ad “I am innocent” and “will fight to clear my name” despite federal insider-trading charges that prompted her to step down as head of her retail […]

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Sad, sad, sad


CNN’s online poll asks readers what they believe are the top 10 news stories of 2002. According to the results so far, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the terrorist attack in Bali, and the Russian hostage crisis are nowhere to be found in the top 10. But Martha Stewart and Winona Ryder’s court cases were both on […]

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