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The CRTC has approved a broadcasting license for English Al-Jazeera in Canada:

I first blogged about this back in 2003, when media monitoring organisations were sounding the alarm about the virulent antisemitic content being broadcast on Qatar-based Al-Jazeera’s Arabic-language station on a daily basis, under the guise of news. The English affiliate doesn’t have quite the same level of bias – certainly, not that much worse than we see regularly from, say, the CBC or the Guardian, or on the other side, from the likes of FOX news. If there’s a demand for the service, and the content doesn’t cross the line, then I have to stand in support of freedom of information.

Besides, this is 2009. Anyone who wants content can get it, regardless of the CRTC’s decision. This decision is really only about whether satellite providers can charge for it, or whether people will have to access it online or through other methods.

I still haven’t forgiven the CRTC for all those years without HBO, though. Segacs to CRTC: this ain’t over, bitch!


A CBC reporter was caught red-handed playing favourites among federal political parties:

A Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reporter who covers Parliament will be reassigned because she inappropriately wrote questions for an opposition legislator, the public broadcaster said on Monday.

The ruling Conservative Party — no fan of the CBC — complained that television journalist Krista Erickson had given the questions to a Liberal member of a committee examining the dealings of a former Conservative prime minister.

Whatever your politics, you have to admit that this is a new low for the CBC. Our tax dollars at work.


Process stories


Interesting interview transcript from FoxNews on the media coverage from Arab news outlets of the Israel-Lebanon war.

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In Brief


The London Times reports that Iran is trying to mine Uranium in Africa, with the goal of importing it to make, well, I’ll give you three guesses. (Via IrisBlog). Related to the above, Mark C. at Daimnation links to this excellent editorial in the New York Times by a French writer explaining the existential threat […]

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Who comes up with these headlines anyway?


The headline: Half think Harper too pro-Israel. The article: [The poll] said 45 per cent agree Harper’s position is “fair and balanced and completely appropriate,” while 44 per cent say it is “decidedly too pro-Israel and is not appropriate.” Eleven per cent say he has not supported Israel strongly enough. Hmmm, by my calculation, that […]

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Supposedly impartial journalists?


Think again: A group of Israeli journalists on Thursday renounced their membership in the International Federation of Journalists, after the organization’s General Secretary refused to retract his condemnation of the Israel Defense Forces’ bombing of the Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV station in Beirut. [ . . . ] The IDF attacked the Hezbollah’s TV station shortly […]

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Another day, another anti-Israel biased headline


Some things never change. Anti-Israel media bias is one of them. From today’s Reuters: Israel rejects Hamas ceasefire call. From the headline, the casual reader would make the assumption that big bad Israel is at it again, rejecting the perfectly reasonable offer of a peace-loving Hamas. Hah! Rocket attacks? Kidnapped soldiers? Terrorist attacks? The fact […]

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Dead terrorists don’t sell newspapers


That must be the new quote, replacing “if it bleeds, it leads”. Because Meryl wonders how it’s possible that one of the most wanted terrorists in the world was captured and nobody’s talking about it: The most feared terrorist in Asia, Azahari bin Husin, the man responsible for the two Bali bombings and an attack […]

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What Reuters bias?


Let’s examine this morning’s headline: Sharon, Abbas talk as Israel suspends offensive. Israel suspends offensive??? Sounds like a Palestinian offensive to me: But in three days, Palestinians have fired 5 Qassam missiles, six anti-tank rockets and a half dozen mortar shells at Israeli military and civilian targets outside its borders. Israel army patrols were shot […]

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Stuff that makes me mad


Some stuff makes me too mad to even blog about it, because it just gets my heart rate up. But you can read about it on other blogs. Like Ken Livingstone’s latest spewings. (More here). And the continuing Palestinian terrorism against Israel. And CBC’s gutlessness and the fact that my tax dollars fund it. Then […]

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