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An absolutely compelling article appeared today by Australian Tony Parkinson in The Age entitled Why appeasement is always wrong.

As the link requires registration, I’ll post the beginning. But you owe it to yourselves to read the rest.

More than 100 schoolchildren in southern Russia are seized at gunpoint on the first day back from summer holidays. Teachers and parents die trying to protect them.

Eleven Nepalese workers in Iraq are lined up and shot in cold blood. A 12th is beheaded, purely for show.

Sixteen bus passengers in southern Israel are blasted to death by suicide bombers. Explosions at a Moscow subway station kill 10 workers. Another 90 lives are lost when terrorists force two Russian passenger jets from the skies.

In almost any other time in modern history, a week of atrocities such as this would have stunned the world.

Yet, today, as the third anniversary of September 11 approaches, it is no longer a shock to see Islamist extremists carrying out these depraved assaults. Many thousands of innocent civilians have already died. Sadly, there will probably be many thousands more.

But maybe, just maybe, the excruciating horror of watching seven-year-olds monstered by fanatics with bombs strapped to their bodies will prompt more people in free societies to grapple with the true awfulness of this phenomenon – and to confront the reality that muddling through with the old verities of international diplomacy is no answer to the threat.


More terrorism


A suicide bombing in Moscow killed 10 and injured 51:

Russian investigators were under pressure on Wednesday to establish quickly who was behind a suicide bomb attack on a busy Moscow street that killed 10 people and injured 51.

Russian officials have made no public accusations, but the attack by a female bomber bore some hallmarks of past actions by Chechen rebels seeking independence for their Caucasus mountain region. It came a week after 90 people were killed in two simultaneous air crashes officials blame on suicide bombers.

Still waiting for the media to grant Israel the same rights to defend itself against extremist Islamist terrorism as it grants Russia.

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Another suicide bombing in Russia


There’s been another suicide bombing in Russia, on a crowded Moscow commuter train. At least 39 are dead, over 100 injured. Vladimir Putin blames Chechen terrorists: Putin condemned the blast, calling it terrorism. “Only with the united efforts of the world community can we deal with this plague of this 21st century,” Putin said, according […]

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