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Happy New Year


And, depending on how you define it, happy new decade.

If this list of the 100 best songs of last decade by Rolling Stone is any indication, the new decade can only be better cause it sure can’t get much worse.


Commando Trad in Papineau metro station:

(Hat tip: Rae.)


Isn’t it comedic?


Alanis parodies one of the most ridiculously awful songs of all time. Hilarious!

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Who called it?


I could’ve predicted this was coming. Oh, wait, I did. Six years ago. Sure took ’em long enough! (Via Damian Penny).

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War on Kenny G.


After all his other spewings, Holocaust denials, and promises to murder millions of Jews, this seems almost droll in comparison: Hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has banned Western music from Iran’s radio and TV stations, reviving one of the harshest cultural decrees from the early days of 1979 Islamic Revolution. Songs such as George Michael’s “Careless […]

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Bon Jovi


Two floor seat tickets to see a restyled 80s hair band with cheesy lyrics but great music and a massively hot lead singer: $250 Disposable camera purchased after realization that camera was forgotten at home: $12 Dinner at a tourist trap where a local radio station was holding a pre-show and contest to win wristbands […]

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The blog meme to make you shudder


This blog meme is floating around asking people to go here, find the top 100 songs from the year they graduated high school, and list them crossing out those you hated and underlining the ones you really liked. Most of mine, not too surprisingly, are cross-outs; songs that do well on the charts rarely appeal […]

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Things have a way of working out


A business trip this week to New York just so happens to coincide with a Collective Soul NYC tour date. Sometimes, Murphy takes a nap.

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Trying to curb music downloading


The Federal Government has been bogged down with AdScam, party switching and non-confidence votes, and as a result has been able to get precious little done. But it seems that instead of trying to devote time and energy to important issues, the government is introducing legislation against file-sharers and music downloaders; you know, public enemy […]

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ISPs don’t have to pay royalties


And speaking of important court rulings today, our supreme court at home has been tackling an important issue: music downloads. Today, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled that ISP’s don’t have to pay royalties to musicians to compensate them for the lost revenue from people downloading their music for free: The court ruled that companies that […]

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