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The month the music died


Israeli songstress Naomi Shemer passed away at age 74 last Saturday. And Israeli folk singer Arik Lavie succumbed to illness yesterday at age 77. Both made contributions to the cultural tapestry of Israel, particularly in the 1960s. Their voices will be missed.

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Creed breaks up


So Creed broke up. I guess the rest of the band got tired of Scott Stapp’s gorilla-sized ego. Oh well. They started off good but they’ve pretty much sucked since. I’m not gonna lose any sleep over this one.

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It’s raining in the desert


When you’re selling water in the desert and it starts to pour, sorry dude, you’re outta business, better start selling umbrellas instead. That’s marketing 101. Sometimes you have to rethink your business because of changes in demand, trends, or technological developments. The major record companies haven’t seem to have caught on yet. Like the British, […]

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Suing the fans


Here’s a great way to get consumers to love ya: Sue them! If you’re the major record labels, apparently this makes perfect sense to you.

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Live coming to Montreal


Live is coming to Montreal at the end of the month. Woohoo! Gotta get my tix.

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They’re coming


Nearly half a million people are expected to descend on Toronto for the big Rolling Stones concert tomorrow. And they’re lining up already. Also on the bill are the Guess Who, AC/DC, Rush, Blue Rodeo, the Tea Party, the Flaming Lips, Montrealers Sass Jordan and Sam Roberts, and . . . Justin Timberlake? (Yeah, seems […]

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New Live CD


The new Live CD, Birds of Pray, and it’s awesome. Back to the band’s rock roots, with great songs and full of instant classics. Well, except for the last track, an anti-war anthem called “What are we Fighting For?” that just makes me want to scream at Ed, hey, you’re fighting for the right to […]

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Censorship in the music biz


Initial reports that CHUM radio had pulled 20 anti-war songs off the playlists of one of its radio stations are false, much to my relief. When I first read the story, I couldn’t believe it . . . and apparently, neither could the station: The original report claimed the banned songs included Give Peace A […]

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Lenny Kravitz lyrics (slightly modified)


Lenny Kravitz recorded a song to express his anti-war views. And Damian Penny has the lyrics – or a version thereof. Hysterical!

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Bon Jovi concert


Went to an amazing Bon Jovi concert last night. I’ve always been a little bit of a closet Bon Jovi fan . . . it’s one of those guilty pleasures, like eating raw chocolate chip cookie dough. I’m one of the only people I know who not only owns, but actually listens to These Days. […]

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