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De facto NDP government


Coming soon to a Canada near you: a de facto NDP government: The NDP could seek a long-term agreement to prop up the Liberal government in exchange for a handful of concessions, party officials said Wednesday. Fresh from winning $4.6 billion more for its priorities in return for helping the Liberals survive a confidence vote, […]

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Martin deals with Layton


Once again demonstrating his perpetual spinelessness and willingness to do anything to hang onto power, Paul Martin struck a deal with Jack Layton, making “concessions” in exchange for an NDP promise to vote for the budget. What sort of “concessions”? The usual NDP mixed bag. Deferring corporate tax cuts in favour of $4.6 billion in […]

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Martin caves to NDP bribery


Is it just me, or are our politicians holding a contest these days for “most spineless”? Martin may succumb to Layton’s blackmail by agreeing to defer corporate tax cuts in the federal budget in exchange for a promise for the NDP to support the budget: The apparent concession came just hours after Prime Minister Paul […]

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The most powerful man in Canada


It looks like the NDP will vote with the Liberals for the throne speech, and the Tories and the Bloc will vote against. That would cause a tie – 153 votes for, 153 against. Leaving the fate of the government up to Independent MP Chuck Cadman: Independent MP Chuck Cadman’s single seat could give a […]

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The Results


As of 8:00am, the final results stood as follows: 135 99 19 54 0 1 Overnight, a couple of extra seats were lost from the NDP and the Libs and gained by the Tories. This puts the combined Liberals and NDP at 154 seats – or one shy of the 155 needed to form a […]

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It’s still close


One last thought on the election before I go to sleep: It’s still close. Many ridings were won with squeakers, and others are still undecided. With recounts, the results may still change enough to make a difference. At the moment, the NDP and Liberals are combining for 157 seats. Remember that 155 is needed for […]

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Svend Robinson charged with theft


Svend Robinson has been charged with theft for stealing a ring at an estate sale. The “incident” caused him to step down as an MP for the NDP, amidst self-serving crocodile tears. But if he thought that his apologies and his life as a public figure would allow him to escape responsibility for his actions, […]

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People who just don’t get it


I was watching former NDP leader Alexa McDonough be interviewed on CBC Newsworld about her party’s foreign policy. In predictable fashion, she ranted about the need to “choose” what Canada’s role would be in the world, and how “most Canadians” agree that force should only be used under the UN, and how Canada should expand […]

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Svend update: The plot thickens


CP is now reporting that Svend has offered a whole host of excuses for his departure – which seems to have been downgraded to a “leave” – ranging from medical to legal reasons. The “medical” reason seems to be “severe emotional stress”… apparently having something to do with an incident in which he stole an […]

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Bye Bye Svend


NDP member and Canadian MP (and general all-around pain in the ass) Svend Robinson is quitting politics: The reason for the popular MP’s departure from political life was not immediately known. Robinson, an outspoken figure on Parliament Hill, became Canada’s first openly homosexual MP when he publicly declared his sexual orientation in 1988. His aggressive […]

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