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Check out The Observant Jew, a blog written by a former Montrealer friend who recently made aliyah to Israel. A very worthwhile read and a solid blogroll addition.


The final totals are in. Some uncounted tally sheets widened Evolution’s victory margin to nearly 1,300 votes. Here are the final counts for executive:

Evolution, Not Revolution: 2533

Clean Slate: 1241

Renaissance Concordia: 312

New Vision: 152

Free Thinker’s Parliament: 102

The counts for council, senate, and board of governers candidates are also up.

A few interesting notes:

  • Hillel activist Naomi Sarna was elected to council with 60 more votes than her brother Noah, a co-president of Hillel, who was not.
  • And speaking of Noahs who are Hillel presidents, Noah Joseph was elected to one of two Board of Governer seats with five more votes than Sobia Virk, who is famous for having refused to attend a BoG meeting last year as an objection to the fact that alcohol was being served.
  • Laith Marouf, SPHR activist and general pain in Hillel’s side, had the second-to-least number of votes for Arts and Science council. However, his buddy Trish McIntosh, a pro-Palestinian activist who wears a keffiyah, had the most votes in the same race. Hmmm, I wonder if he’ll sue her for stealing his votes?
  • CEO Stephen Herman claims that between 4,600 and 4,700 students voted, which is about 40-45% more than the previous record turnout. Way to go! There are no counts for spoiled ballots announced, but adding up all the votes for executive comes to a grand total of 4,340 votes, so we know that at least that many votes were cast.
  • Also note that more people voted for Evolution than the entire number of people who voted in some past CSU elections.

One last thing: today being April Fool’s Day, reports that the election has been annulled are a prank. And not a particularly inspired prank at that. Just in case you were wondering – or panicking. To clarify, the election has not been annulled.