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North Korea

More than ten years after the BBC aired a devastating report about North Korean concentration camps, mass killings, torture, poison gas chambers and other horrific atrocities, the United Nations has finally come around to the view that yes, maybe, there were some crimes against humanity going on in the world’s least free nation:

“Testimony was given … in relation to the political prison camps of large numbers of people who were malnourished, who were effectively starved to death and then had to be disposed of in pots, burned and then buried … It was the duty of other prisoners in the camps to dispose of them,” he said.

The world stood by and watched this all happen. We knew about it. We talked about it. We reported it. But in our broken moral compass of the 21st century, “Never Again” apparently means “Never Again.. except when China is on the Security Council and doesn’t want us looking too closely at its North Korean ally.”

This quote by an unnamed UN official has got to rank up there among the world’s most ironic quotes in all of history:

“We’ve collected all the testimony and can’t just stop and wait 10 years.”

Why not? Isn’t that what we’ve done already?


So apparently, Hillary Clinton is not okay with a nuclear North Korea… but she doesn’t seem to have a problem with a nuclear Iran.

Better hope that umbrella is big enough to protect you from the ensuing shitstorm, Hillary.


All eyes turn to North Korea


The People’s Democratic Republic of Death Camps has expelled UN monitors and announced plans to resume its nuclear weapons program. On a scariness scale of one to ten, this little tidbit of news ranks somewhere around a… zillion. Even though it’s not exactly news that North Korea has nuclear capabilities, the fact that it’s being […]

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Breaking news: Flying pigs spotted


The U.N. took a break from its usual Israel-bashing agenda today to call out some actual human rights violators: A United Nations panel rebuked Myanmar, Iran and North Korea on Tuesday for human rights abuses, overcoming objections by developing nations that the move amounted to “demonization” of some states. The resolution on North Korea expressing […]

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Attack of the killer rabbits


This is the seemingly-innocuous beginning to the plot of pretty much every B-grade horror movie: A German pensioner who won a prize and worldwide fame for breeding his country’s largest rabbit — Robert, a 10.5kg (23lb) bruiser the size of a dog — has been offered an unusual opportunity to exploit his talents overseas. Karl […]

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North Korea: excuses, excuses


A Reuters article, perhaps accidentally, stumbles on the true crux of the matter when it comes to North Korea: North Korea has committed “crimes against humanity” against its own people according to an independent report published on Monday that made a long-shot appeal for the U.N. Security Council to deal with the issue. Released after […]

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More North Korea horror stories


The Times reports frightening details of the Dear Leader of Death Camps’ drive towards “racial purity” (via Damian Penny). As I’ve said before, I don’t take Nazi comparisons lightly, but in some cases they truly are warranted. This is one of those cases, without a doubt.

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About the North Korean nukes


So much for recent promises… The “so ronery” Dear Leader of Death Camps now officially has nuclear weapons… and it’s about the scariest situation imaginable. Except that we already pretty much all knew about them. And there wasn’t really anything anyone could do before, so what will really change here? The United Nations? Is anyone […]

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People’s Democratic Republic of Death Camps ups the stakes


North Korea wants to bolster its nuclear weapons program: North Korea will upgrade its arsenal “in every way by employing all possible means and methods” and will greet any aggressors with “all-out do-or-die resistance and unprecedented devastating strikes,” Kim Il Chol said, according to the Korean Central News Agency. The PDRDC isn’t even bothering to […]

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Very, very skeptical


That’s my sentiment about today’s announcement of an agreement in principle on the part of the world’s most despotic regime, North Korea, to abandon its nuclear weapons program: North Korea promised to give up its nuclear weapons program on Monday, defusing a high-stakes crisis, but skeptics said the deal hammered out in Beijing was long […]

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