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I guess Team Canada won’t be defending its gold medal in Pyeongchang. The NHL won’t participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

For the first time since 1994, NHL players will not attend the Winter Olympics.

The league has released a statement saying it “considers the matter officially closed.”

The IOC confirmed to CBC Sports Monday that the NHL won’t be sending its players to Pyeongchang.

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Connor McDavid said “100 per cent” that NHL players should go. The Edmonton Oilers captain, who wasn’t even born the last time NHL players didn’t attend in 1994, said he couldn’t envision the Olympics without the world’s top players.

“I just feel like we’re misrepresenting our sport on a pretty huge scale and a pretty huge level,” Jonathan Toews, a long-time ace for Team Canada, added. “A lot of the talk has been it’s the players pushing for it, and it’s the players that are interested and want to go. I think the players do want to go, but I think it should be of interest to the players and the league. I think the NHL should be in the Olympics.”

It’s no understatement that most Canadian Olympic fans care first and foremost about the hockey, to the point where we’d happily sacrifice medals in every other sport if it meant winning the men’s and women’s hockey gold. The players want to go. The fans want them to go. The owners don’t want to lose money from having a three-week break, which is all well and fine. But how much will they lose from fans tuning out in disgust?

This decision comes as a huge slap in the face to every hockey fan everywhere. This is a travesty.


So much for the Olympic values of peace, understanding and bringing people together: A Syrian boxer has quit the World Boxing Championship rather than be forced to compete against his Israeli opponent:

The first round match between Syrian Ala Ghasoun and the Israeli fighter was scheduled to place at the tournament which is a precondition to qualifying for the upcoming 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

“I quit the competition because my rival was Israeli, and I cannot shake his hand or compete against him while he represents a Zionist regime that kills the Syrian people,” Ghasoun said according to Arab media, The Jerusalem Post reported. 

“If I fight against him, it would mean that I, as a athlete, and Syria, as a state, recognize the state of Israel,” Ghasoun added. 

“The decision to quit was not mine,” the Syrian boxer said. “It was made by the Syrian Sports Federation and by senior Syrian officials. It was a very difficult decision, because I have worked hard to participate in the championship. But I serve my homeland – my honor and my loyalty belong to Syria.”

For what it’s worth, an estimated 150,000 Syrian civilians have been killed in over five years of civil war. Of those deaths, how many were caused by Israel’s “Zionist regime”? Exactly zero. But let’s not allow facts to get in the way of hatred.


With glowing hearts we see thee rise


It was the shot heard from coast to coast – Sidney Crosby’s overtime goal to win this hockey game 3-2 and secure the record-breaking 14th gold medal for Canada. A fitting feather in the cap of what have been incredible Olympic games. And they couldn’t have scripted it any better. Perfect photo finish. A moment, […]

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Canadian pride


We’ve now won 10 gold medals, which – at the moment, anyway – is more than any other team. Our athletes are impressing the hell out of everyone, on the skating rink, the ski hill, the hockey arena, the bobsled track, hell, even the curling rink. (Is curling even a sport? Debatable. But we are […]

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Heartbreak in Vancouver


Shots: 45-23 for Canada. Final score: 5-3 for USA. Ouch. ‘Nuff said. *Sigh*. Onto the qualifying game, and hopefully we’ll get a chance for revenge. Update: Canada fared somewhat better at Hockey Night in Kandahar; the morale game for soldiers serving in Afghanistan resulted in a 16-2 “ass-whooping” of the US by Canada. Too bad […]

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Colbert Nation, eh?


The biggest attraction at the Olympics? Stephen Colbert, who’s been on site all week. He and Michael Bublé sang their unique take on the national anthem. He’s done mock tryouts for events. He cheered on Shani Davis of the US speedskating team (which he sponsored) when he won his gold medal. He’s getting more press […]

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5 things they should have done at the opening ceremonies


The Olympic opening ceremonies will stand as a shining example of where creative-by-committee will get you. As best as I can figure, someone at some point must have had a cool creative concept for this thing. But then it got watered down by layer after layer of bureaucracy until we ended up with… well, I’m […]

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Roof woes


A roof collapsed at a Canadian sports stadium yesterday . . . and it wasn’t the Big Owe: The inflatable fabric roof of Vancouver’s downtown sports stadium, scheduled to host the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics, collapsed on Friday. There were no injuries, and officials at BC Place Stadium said the […]

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Olympics not so smart


Hopefully Tremblay has been brought back to reality on his nonsensical Olympic musings.

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What are they thinking???


Buried in an article lauding the success of the FINA world championships here in Montreal is this seemingly throwaway tidbit: Then Tremblay raised another possibility yesterday, telling reporters earlier in the day this city might bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games on the 40th anniversary of the costly 1976 Games and hinting he […]

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