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The Pittsburgh Penguins are setting a good example on how, in the wake of tragedy, actions speak louder than words. Much respect.

“The team announced on Sunday that it would hold a blood drive on Monday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and would cancel its annual Halloween-themed festivities at Tuesday’s game, instead opting to hold a collection to benefit the victims of the shooting.

The team’s charitable arm, the Penguins Foundation, will also make two donations of $25,000 to support the victims of Saturday’s attack, the team announced Sunday afternoon.

One payment will go toward the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, while the other will establish a fund to benefit the four police officers wounded in the shooting.”

That’s how you support a community in a time of tragedy: Less talk, more action. Good on them.


The results of the NHL draft lottery were just announced, with the top pick going to the Penguins, who will surely draft rising star Sidney Crosby. The Habs got the fifth overall pick, which is not bad considering. We’re the top Canadian team in the lottery, and Toronto is way down there at number 21. (Note to Leafs’ fans: hahaha).

Oh well. It was exciting for a while, as they announced the results backwards from 30 and Montreal still wasn’t on the board for a while. But alas, it’s Pittsburgh fans who are celebrating right now, and hoping Crosby won’t crumble under all the hype and pressure. As one of the worst teams in the NHL in the last number of years, they can really use him.