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I nearly forgot. Luckily, Meryl reminded me. I had chicken for lunch, so I guess I participated.

By the way, for anyone interested in why I support this day, or why I hate PETA so much, read this.


Quote of the day, on the issue of Madonna’s chinchilla-fur coat:

A spokeswoman for PETA said: “We encourage anyone who wears fur to watch videos of these animals being electrocuted, caught in traps, and skinned alive. Thousands of people, including Paris Hilton, have said that the videos changed their minds about wearing fur.

Sometimes, PETA makes itself such an easy target, that actually telling the joke is almost unfair…

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PETA versus Paris


So hard to take sides… I think I’ll just sit back and watch the idiots attack each other.

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Seen on a Times Square billboard


The website was promoted on a billboard that I walked by at least a dozen times this week while in New York. I admit, it worked, because it stuck in my head and I went to check it out. The site is run by a group that seems to be a thinly-disguised cover for […]

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Get those BBQs fired up!


Meryl has the scoop on the 3rd annual International Eat an Animal for PETA day: In honor PETA’s continuing prevarications, and constant annoyance, we once again urge our readers to do what pisses them off the most: Eat meat on International Eat an Animal for PETA Day, March 15th. [ . . . ] Remember, […]

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PETA hits bottom, digs


Never satisfied to merely be tasteless and shocking, PETA decided to cross the line to completely appalling a long time ago. Today, the group took its absolutely disgusting Holocaust on your plate campaign to the Montreal streets, where it would be as visible as possible to piss off as many people as possible. The thing […]

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Second annual IEAPD


Meryl has declared today the International Eat an Animal for PETA day. She started the day last year in response to PETA’s disgusting ad campaign comparing eating meat to the slaughter of six million Jews during the Holocaust. That’s low even for the nutbags at PETA and there’s been an overwhelming call to reprise the […]

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PETA’s new child abuse tactics


Michele has the scoop on PETA’s new child abuse tactics: PETA activists – including cuddly, costumed raccoons and foxes – are making guest appearances outside performances of The Nutcracker across the country this holiday season with a cheeky message of compassion. As children arrive to see the “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy,” some will be […]

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PETA’s disgusting tactics


Michael Demmons has the latest on PETA’s disgusting tactics. PETA is using a poster that is comparing Jews in Nazi concentration camps to chickens served in a meal. P.E.T.A. has gone WAY overboard. Again. It is absolutely one thing to campaign for the rights of animals. It is entirely fine – even noble to put […]

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Naked fur protesters


Couldn’t get hired as strippers, eh? Two women, wearing only bikini briefs, skates and leopard-coloured body paint, braved -25 C wind chills Monday on the famous Rideau Canal to protest the fur fashion industry. The pair, members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, covered up their freezing assets by holding up a banner […]

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