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A plane crash in Kentucky killed 49 people today:

Flight 5191, a Canadair CRJ-100 bound for Atlanta, apparently ran off the end of a 3,500-foot-long runway designed for use by smaller planes, instead of the 7,000-foot runway suited for commercial flights, an investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board said.

There’s so far no word as to why the plane tried to take off from the shorter runway, instead of the longer one it was approved for. But there are no indications of terrorism, and as such, this crash will probably be quickly forgotten by the media. Unless, of course, the pilot turns out to be Muslim… in which case we’ll probably never hear the end of the conspiracy theories.

This crash was a tragedy, and the families of all those killed have my deepest sympathies.


Nearly 100 people were killed today when an Iranian military plane crashed into a Tehran apartment building.

Initial indications are that the crash was due to engine trouble. But with Iran’s military, who really knows? I’m not about to start inventing conspiracy theories, but it does serve us well to remember that all news being released from Iran is heavily censored.

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A bad month for plane crashes


An epidemic of plane crashes seems to have hit the globe. In this past month alone, a plane crash-landed in Toronto – an episode in which, miraculously nobody was hurt. But not everyone was so lucky. A terrible crash in Greece killed 121, and a devastating crash in Venezuela killed 160. There were also smaller […]

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Plane crashes on Toronto runway


An Air France flight apparently missed the runway in Toronto and caught fire. No details yet on injuries or casualties, but the apparant cause is a lightning storm that thwarted landing efforts. I’ll take a 3-1/2 hour flight delay over that, any day. (But remember, kids, it’s still safer than driving…) Update: Reports are that […]

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It was terrorism


Investigators found explosives in the wreakage from the Russian planes that crashed, and an Islamist terror group has claimed responsibility (ABC so obligingly uses the non-offensive term “militant”). Now the real question is, faced with their version of 9/11, how will Russia react? If Putin’s record against Chechen rebels is any indication, he won’t let […]

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Mysterious plane crashes in Russia


Two planes crashed simultaneously just outside Moscow early this morning. The immediate thought of much of the world was terrorism, but now reports are saying there’s no sign of it: Russian officials say they have not found any signs of terrorism in the near-simultaneous crashes of two passenger jets. The planes crashed within minutes of […]

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Turkish Airlines crash


Is this a day for plane crashes or something? 72 people have been killed on a Turkish Airlines flight that crashed in southern Turkey. The cause is not yet known, but initial reports say terrorism does not seem to be a factor. Update: The media is now reporting that it looks like heavy fog was […]

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Flight 5481


My condolences to the families of the victims of flight 5481 in Charlotte, NC. The media is reporting that it appears that all 19 commuter passangers and 2 crew members who were on board died in the crash, after the plane crashed into a maintenance hanger.

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