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Most Palestinians want peace?


According to a new poll, 83% of Palestinians want a “mutual cessation of violence”. That’s good, right? Not exactly. The poll also says that: 77% of Palestinians supported the Beersheva bus bombings 75% support the firing of rockets from Beit Hanoun into Israel 74% see Sharon’s disengagement plan as evidence of a victory for armed […]

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The Morning After: What they’re saying


David Janes has a roundup of the (mostly-disappointed) reactions of right-leaning bloggers, who chose to believe the polls and Harper’s optimism before last night. Debbye says we got the “devil we know”, and Colby Cosh says he made himself “look like an ass” while Damian Penny “feels like a rube”. Don’t beat yourselves up too […]

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This is sad


According to a CBC poll, us Canadians don’t know much about our government. Some interesting results of this poll: While only 84% of us could name our Prime Minister, 97% correctly named the President of the United States. And 17% of Quebecers thought that Gilles Duceppe was the leader of the opposition. Yes, these are […]

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Harper’s ego trip


There’s been a lot of talk about Paul Martin’s ego. But now it looks like Stephen Harper is going on an ego trip of his own, by publicly talking about a Conservative Majority government: Stephen Harper has begun to talk publicly about forming a majority government, suggesting for the first time Thursday that his Conservatives […]

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On the homefront now


Our own election is taking some twists and turns. Damian Penny calculates that the SES tracking results showing the Conservatives ahead of the Liberals for the first time means that the CP could actually win the election: But here’s the thing: Quebec no longer sends 73 Liberal MPs to Ottawa. The Bloc has won most […]

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Another stupid online poll


Another one of those meaningless, un-scientific polls that pisses me off beyond all logical reasoning: is asking people whether they believe Israel’s assassination of Sheik Yassin is justified. At the moment, 45% said no. That shocks me. I can understand skepticism about the point of taking out Yassin, or fear of the consequences. But […]

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Quebec favours two-tier healthcare


I must have blinked and missed a drastic political shift in Quebec: it seems our province has the “distinction” of favouring two-tier healthcare: A poll conducted last month by Environics and CROP for the Centre for Research and Information on Canada shows support in Quebec for a two-tiered health care system has been steadily rising […]

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Globe and Mail online poll


The Globe and Mail’s latest online poll asks readers who they think would be most to blame for the collapse of the “road map”: Palestinians, “Palestinian militants”, or Israelis. And at the moment, 67% have said Israelis. These polls aren’t exactly scientific. I have to assume that some pro-Palestinian site is directing thousands of votes […]

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Possible Liberal victory


The latest polls are predicting a possible Liberal victory in Monday’s election: It is the second survey within 24 hours pointing to a big shift in public opinion in Canada’s mainly French-speaking province in favor of the Liberals. The results show support for the Liberals up 8 percentage point from a mid-campaign CROP poll. Backing […]

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Reader poll


And onto more important topics: I’m taking an unofficial poll. Chocolate or caramel? So far among the friends I’ve surveyed, it’s 11 for chocolate, 4 for caramel. You can use the comments to vote.

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