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Confused about which provincial political party to vote for? Didn’t think so. Me neither. But you can take this quiz anyway, just for fun.

Not too surprisingly, my result was overwhelmingly for the Liberals (85 points), distantly followed by the ADQ (25 points), the Green Party (11 points), the PQ (8 points) and Quebec Solidaire (0 points). Not exactly shocking news.


Four years ago, I blogged about the National Geographic survey that found, among other things, that 11% of young Americans couldn’t pick out the United States on a world map.

Now, National Geographic has conducted a new survey. Like the last one, you can test yourself.

Any improvements in the results? Well, judge for yourself.




If you still can’t figure out who to vote for, but you want to vote for one of the four major parties, check out this quiz. It claims to be able to tell you who to vote for based on 12 simple policy and issue questions. Apparently, according to the quiz, I should vote Liberal. […]

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And on a lighter note…


I am 43% Evil Genius. I want to be evil. I do evil things. But given the opportunity, and a darn good reason I may turn to the good side. Besides I am probably a miserable evil genius. Take the Evil Genius Test @ FualiDotCom Damn, I thought I was much eviler than that. In […]

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More random quiz time


Congratulations! You are Miranda. Which Sex and the City Character Are You? brought to you by Quizilla I also think I’m a bit addicted to that show.

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More pointless quizzes


According to this religion quiz, seems all those years I spent thinking I was Jewish were wrong. I shall join the ranks of Lisa Simpson because I believe I’m actually Buddhist: You scored as Buddhist. Buddhist 80% Jewish 55% Anarchist 55% Christian 45% Cult 45% Catholic 30% At least all those years of Hebrew school […]

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Political quiz


According to this political quiz, I’m a “centrist”. Hell, I didn’t need a quiz to tell me that. (Via Peaktalk).

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Random pointless quiz of the day:


Montreal What Canadian City Are You? brought to you by Quizilla How coincidental! I guess that’s good cause, well, I live here and all… (Hat tip: Elanamatic).

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More quiz fun!


For all you quiz-addicts out there, now you can answer ten short questions to determine your true political beliefs with the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. Instead of the traditional left-right spectrum, this one scores you on a chart, with personal issues along one axis and economic issues along another. People fall into the “Left Liberal”, […]

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What kind of Jew are you?


This quiz link (courtesy of Mike Silverman), can help you find out. It’s humourous, but it also surprisingly accurately described my beliefs as fitting most closely in with secular humanist Judaism. I’m a 3-day-a-year synagogue-goer, and my synagogue happens to be of the Orthodox denomination, but I’m also a skeptical agnostic who tends to view […]

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