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Why does this somehow not surprise me?

This year, The Link would like to dedicate the International Women’s Day Issue to the memory of Zahra Kazemi and Rachel Corrie. While various Link members and staff may or may not have disagreed with the politics these two women held dear, we all agree the violent deaths they suffered in their non-violent opposition to human rights abuses was tragic, and a travesty of justice.

This as part of the Concordia paper’s special Women’s issue, which was, as they put it, produced by throwing “all those who identify as men out of the office and allows the women a Women Only Space to complete production of the paper”.


Here’s a real shocker (insert sarcasm): The International Solidary Movement is harbouring terrorists:

Israeli troops raided the West Bank offices of the International Solidarity Movement on Thursday and seized a wanted member of the militant Islamic Jihad group, the army said.

The army said the man was being sheltered in the Jenin offices of the Palestinian-backed peace group whose members often act as human shields, placing themselves between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians.

Apart from Rachel Corrie, who the ISM calls its “first official martyr” (I wonder what she would do with 72 virgins?), other members of the ISM include some familiar names from Concordia, including many past and present members of the CSU.


Political strife in the classroom


This evening, something strange happened in my French class at Université de Montréal. It’s something that didn’t happen at all in three years at Concordia – Concordia, the school known more for its riots and anti-American, anti-Zionist politics than for its academics. And despite that, never once did I have this problem. But this evening, […]

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