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rafik al-hariri

300,000 people turned out in Beirut to honour assassinated ex-premier Rafik al-Hariri’s memory and protest Syrian attempts at control in Lebanon.

It’s looking more and more like Lebanon is headed towards yet another “civil war” – or at least, that’s what the media will insist on calling it. The same media that gives Hezbollah credibility as a “Lebanese opposition party”.


Syria, under international pressure for its role in the assasination of former Lebanese premier Rafik al-Hariri, has reverted back to its tried-and-true tactic of misdirection towards Israel.


While I was gone…


…a bunch of stuff happened. For one thing, the Martin government released a federal budget, which was another snoozer. Lots of promises to everyone that will deliver not a whole helluvalot to anyone. By my calculation, the “massive tax cuts” promised will save me exactly $14 in income tax next year. That’s two movie tickets […]

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Bloody Monday


Three bombings in the Philippines have killed 11 people so far and wounded at least 130: Security forces quickly blamed Abu Sayyaf, a small Muslim rebel group associated with al Qaeda, for the improvised bomb in General Santos and a grenade attack at a bus terminal in Davao that killed a young boy. In Manila, […]

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