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Some good news, for a change:

Gaza’s Hamas rulers have suffered back-to-back setbacks with Israel’s successful test of a rocket shield and Egypt’s push to block smuggling tunnels.

The Iron Dome rocket defence system, reportedly to be deployed near Gaza in May, would deprive Hamas of its main leverage against Israel – the threat of rocket salvos. Egypt’s underground anti-tunnel barrier of steel beams, now under construction, could eventually cut Hamas’ supply of cash and weapons.

The looming double squeeze is poised to limit Hamas’ options and change the rules of engagement on Gaza’s volatile, blockaded borders.

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What truce?


3 more rockets were fired by Palestinian terrorists at Israel from the Gaza Strip, in a “what else is new”? kind of story:

Overall, 13 Qassams were fired at Israel since Friday.

On Tuesday, an IDF system to detect Qassam fire and alert Sderot residents detected two rockets fired at Israel. The “Red Dawn” system also detected a rocket Monday evening. All Qassams landed in the western Negev causing no injuries or damage.

On Sunday two Qassams were fired at Israel, with one landing in southern Ashkelon and the other in open fields near Sderot. The IDF responded by unleashing a barrage of artillery rounds at fields in northern Gaza used by Palestinians to launch Qassams.

On Friday evening, four Qassam rockets landed near the Zikim and Yad Mordechai kibbutzim. No one was injured in the attack.

The latest wave of Qassam attacks started Friday morning with Palestinians firing two rockets at Israel. A bystander was treated for shock after one of the rockets landed within a distance of him. The second rocket was not found.

But, of course, the international media absolutely insists that there’s a truce.

What was that quote again? “None are so blind as those who will not see”?


Stuff that happened


Some news breaks: An Iraqi bomb attack killed 98 people. We barely even blink anymore with the news of terrorist attacks in Iraq – maybe because they’re so commonplace, maybe because people assume it’s a country at war so for some reason these things are expected, maybe because some people even tacitly support them in […]

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