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You know you’re Canadian when you will cheer on any Canadian hockey team still in the playoffs (except the Leafs, of course).

Since my Habs aren’t there, I’m now on the Sens’ bandwagon, so it was definitely a lot of fun being in Ottawa yesterday to see the town celebrate after the Sens beat the Sabres for a spot in the Cup Finals. Lots of honking horns, drinking, flag-waving, cheering, chanting, partying, and a random guy stripping near Byward Market (don’t ask).

I’m still sad it’s not Montreal. But since it can’t, Go Sens Go!



We may only have exactly one player on our team… but he’s back, baby! Tonight’s shootout win over the Sens snaps a long losing streak for the Habs and puts us right back in the game.

The Senators are a powerhouse team and most everyone thought it was mission impossible tonight (myself included, admittedly). I love being wrong.


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Sens edge Habs in OT



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Playoff update


All Eddie as the Leafs shut out the Sens 2-0 tonight. And you just gotta feel bad for Ottawa, cause they absolutely dominated the play, getting all the good scoring chances… gotta be frustrating after a while when you realize you’re trying to score on a brick wall. In any case, their win tonight puts […]

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Ottawa bans Leafs sweaters


Oh, grow up! Ottawa city councillors, keen to boost their local Senators NHL ice hockey team, are proposing to ban fans of their hated rival Toronto Maple Leafs from wearing replica team sweaters at games here. The tongue-in-cheek measure, due to go to a vote next week, could force any Leafs fans who transgress to […]

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Sens’ bankruptcy woes


The Sens’ bankruptcy woes continue, and it’s starting to take a toll on the players. The team’s in real trouble. While, sure, I want the Habs to beat the Senators, I’d like them to still be able to do it in Ottawa. I’d hate to see another Canadian hockey team disappear to the States for […]

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