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Shimon Peres’s attempt to put a positive spin on the global economic crisis:

“The leaders of Iran cannot give their children uranium for breakfast,” Peres said, adding that the world financial crisis would hamper Iran’s progress toward nuclear capability. “As the price of oil declines, Iran doesn’t have as much money to invest in uranium, missiles and terrorism,” he said.

Erm. Not sure about the logic of that one, Shimon. Worsening economic conditions usually breeds more hatred and a need for scapegoating, just as peace usually requires prosperity to achieve. But hey, way to keep up that optimism.

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I know we’re heading into yet another election campaign in Canada… but, as all our elections are, it’s sure to be a real snoozer. So instead, let’s talk about the more interesting election campaign – Israel’s.

Imshin is optimistic, sort of:

There is something uplifting about what has been happening here in recent days. For years everyone has been moaning that we have no leaders. Suddenly we do. Two of them, up against each other.

Sharon and Peretz are both nasty bastards, both sly, corrupt, cynical politicians. Is Peretz any nastier than Sharon? I doubt it. Love them or hate them, the thing is that both are people who get things done, make things happen. Who would have believed the Gaza disengagement would actually happen? You had to be here to realize how absolutely incredible that was. And who would have believed anyone would be able to resurrect the Histadrut? For instance.

Here’s Allison on Shimon Peres:

We need a national referendum on whether it’s time for him to retire.

Here’s Harry’s reaction on what Sharon’s new party may mean for Shinui:

Oh, and Shinui is DONE. The creation of a centrist party without the anti-religious banter and sans a cantankerous leader is the death knell for the secular party.

That’s true, though I still contend that Shinui has been done ever since the night after the last election, when Yasser Arafat openly praised Tommy Lapid.

Finally, we have Isreality giving the ultimate reality check:

“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

The outcome of this spring’s elections will undoubtedly result in another limping coalition of partners tugging each other apart at the seams, with the same old leaders making the same old back room deals.

The only aspect to look forward to actually, is the campaign commercials for the fringe parties like the taxi drivers’ party, the Green Leaf party for legalizing pot, and the sentimental favorite – the battered husbands’ party. Now that’s entertainment.

Fringe parties are probably the only things that will save the Canadian election from mind-numbing dullness as well. At least we have that in common.


Israeli cabinet votes to expel Arafat


The Israeli cabinet voted today in favour of the principle of expelling Yasser Arafat from Israel: “Recent days’ events have proven again that Yasser Arafat is a complete obstacle to any process of reconciliation … ” the Cabinet’s communique stated Thursday. “Israel will act to remove this obstacle in the manner, at the time, and […]

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Chretien sends plane to rescue Peres


Whoever else was inconvenienced by the big blackout, Jean Chretien was making damn sure that Shimon Peres made it home for his birthday celebrations: Former Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres made it home to celebrate his 80th birthday despite the huge power cuts in North America after Canadian premier Jean Chretien sent his personal jet […]

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