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This according to Lonely Planet, which released its annual list of top 10 party cities a few weeks ago.

Montreal ranked in second place:

Easygoing Montreal is increasingly popular with foreign travellers, who enjoy the joie de vivre of a place with bilingual ambience, good local beer and even skiing at nearby Mt Royal. Montreal’s irrepressible student population and atmospheric old quarter give the city a light-hearted, Bohemian air. There are Old World cafes, cool jazz clubs, packed discos and late bars to choose from, plus a popular comedy festival each July.

And perhaps more surprisingly – not to those of us who’ve been there, of course, but in the face of the public perception of those whose picture of Israel comes solely from media headlines – Tel Aviv made the list at #10:

Like elsewhere in the Mediterranean, Israel’s second largest city gets going late. The endless bars, pubs and cocktail venues start to fill up by midnight, from which point the nightclubs get revved up with dancing till dawn. Nowadays an international crowd joins Israelis for a mixed bag of funk, pop, house and techno at the city’s dozens of entertainment hotspots. Tel Aviv has a relaxed air, and prides itself on being gay-friendly and outgoing.

Belgrade, Serbia claimed the top spot. Rounding out the Top 10 were Buenos Aires, Dubai, Thessaloniki, La Paz, Cape Town, (surprisingly) Baku, and Auckland.

Some of these may be debatable, but Tel Aviv’s inclusion on the list is a nice sign, especially considering the bad press Israel often gets in the backpacker community.


And again


A suicide bombing in Tel Aviv, near the central bus station, has so far injured at least 10 people.

What is there to say that hasn’t already been said thousands of times already?

Update: The latest figures say 22 people were wounded. Ha’aretz is reporting that the Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility, but suggests that it’s a bit murky and that the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade (in other words, Fatah) may be behind the attack.

What really irks me is that media reports call this the “first bombing in a year”. Not true. It’s the first suicide bombing (though not the first attack) of the 2006 calendar year. But it’s been barely five weeks since a terrorist bomber struck in Netanya on December 5th, murdering five Israelis.

Say it with me now: What truce?


Who dared to hope this time?


Delusion can be defined as getting one’s hopes up again and again, even when disappointment is a certainty. Tonight in Tel Aviv, a bunch of people decided to go out to the promenade by the beach, maybe have a drink or two. Now, 4 are dead and over 50 injured because of a suicide bomber […]

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Allison points out this article at Israel21C about how gay Palestinians are seeking refuge in Israel: Between Open House, its ‘sister’ community center in Tel Aviv, the gay-friendly commercial spots and pick-up parks here and there around the country, the annual gay pride parades in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and a fairly indifferent street-level attitude […]

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Lessons from the war


Michael Oren, author of what many consider to be the definitive history of the Six-Days’ War, has an article in last Wednesday’s National Post about the latest ongoing war between the Israelis and the Palestinians that’s absolutely required reading (link requires subscription): Looking back at the last four years, the world can learn some invaluable […]

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Officially seen it all


Allison thinks she’s officially seen it all, with the news of the apprehension of a hermaphrodite would-be suicide bomber: Israeli security forces thwarted a suicide bombing planned for Tel Aviv when they arrested a Palestinian hermaphrodite armed with a 15-kilogram bomb in the West Bank, Palestinian sources said. Amal Juma’a, 32, is a hermpahrodite who […]

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More terror in Israel


More terror in Israel, as a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv kills 3 and injures 15: Israel radio reports that a suicide bomber attempted to enter Mike’s Place, a seafront coffee house near the US Embassy in Tel Aviv. Initial reports state the security guard at the restaurant tried to wrestle the terrorist to the […]

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The real meaning of “occupation”


A user comment on the Link directed me to this article at Two Palestinians yesterday carried out two operations near a coach station in the downtown of Tel Aviv that resulted in killing 23 Israeli settlers and wounding other 80, seven of them in a critical health condition. Note the use of the word “settlers” […]

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Three Palestinian universities shut down


As part of its response to yesterday’s terrorist attacks in Tel Aviv, the Israeli government has ordered the shutdown of three Palestinian universities, including Bir Zeit University near Ramallah, on charges that the campuses are breeding grounds for terrorism. Based on what we know about Palestinian education, I’d say this charge isn’t so far out […]

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European apologies for Palestinian terror


British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw adds another comment to a long list of European apologies for Palestinian terror, by expressing his “regret” that Israel won’t allow PA leadership to travel to London for a conference. Straw deplored Sunday’s double suicide bombing which left 22 dead in Tel Aviv, but he appeared to suggest that such […]

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