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There are no words for how disgustingly angry this makes me.

President Donald Trump said Wednesday morning that transgender people are not allowed to serve in the U.S. military.

A Pentagon directive under the administration of former President Barack Obama was going to allow transgender men and women to start serving in the military over the summer, according to the Military Times. The ban was lifted in June 2016.

Trump never served in the military and wouldn’t know honour if it hit him in the face. That could do this to the transgender Americans who have served for decades with honour and pride is, well, I want to say shocking. But alas, not much about Trump shocks me anymore.

This man is a disgrace to the office of President and to all humankind.



RIP, America.



No, it’s not peace in the Middle East. But it’s something.


One of the more positive effects of what’s been happening lately has been the coming together of the Muslim and Jewish Communities towards a common cause: A photo of two kids — a Muslim girl and Jewish boy — rallying for the same cause alongside their dads, warmed the hearts of audiences across social media. […]

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