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Habs’ defenceman Ryan O’Byrne, interviewed about his fight against Aaron Voros during tonight’s 6-0 shutout of the Rangers: “I just want to see it on You Tube.”

Well, here you go, Ryan. Your wish is granted:

(Oh, and woohoo, Go Habs Go!)


The first decade of the century (the 00’s?) is coming to a close in a little more than a month. A lot happened in the past ten years. Need a recap? Here’s Newsweek’s American-centric but still impressive 7-minute summary of the decade:

Hard to believe that this time ten years ago, we were worried about the Y2K bug, and now we’re worried about the H1N1 bug. Plus ça change…

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Isn’t it comedic?


Alanis parodies one of the most ridiculously awful songs of all time. Hilarious!

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Google really will own the world soon


The latest Google takeover: YouTube. At least it wasn’t Yahoo, which means that the content on YouTube will probably stay relatively open and free of pointless Yahooisms. (I don’t use Facebook personally, but I hope for the sake of those who do that the rumours aren’t true and that Yahoo keeps its paws off). Meanwhile, […]

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