You mean you want to leave this site? You must be kidding! I mean, this has got to be the most fascinating spot on the Web! But in case you're looking for some more destinations to visit, I've assembled a few:

my websites:

some sites belonging to friends and relatives:

general sites:

  • Daimnation - Damian Penny’s brilliant, insightful weblog, definately worth bookmarking
  • - despite crashing on a regular weekly basis, this games site is the only place with fun and addictive games such as Clue and Monopoly.
  • The Montreal Gazette - news from home
  • Internet Movie Database - ultimate site for movie buffs
  • Rock on TV - want to know when your favourite band or artist will be making an appearance on the small screen?  Never miss another performance with this site.
  • MuchMusic - Canada’s answer to MTV, but with less crappy programming and more music
  • - local movie listings
  • - ticket network for local concerts and events
  • - the Montreal Canadiens homepage

sites related to advertising and marketing:

  • - re-launched as a subscription-based site, the ultimate site for anyone who loves advertising
  • InfoPresse - Quebec’s central resource for anything related to advertising or media
  • Publicité Club de Montréal - professional association for advertisers in Quebec, and the organization behind the Relève Publicitaire inter-university competition
  • - American magazine with everything related to advertising
  • - Marketing Magazine’s website, with tons of Canadian info
  • Agency ComPile - searchable directory of ad agencies in North America
  • ICA website - the Institute of Communications and Adveritising, a national Canadian professional association
  • - exactly what it sounds like
  • Identity Crisis - a site put together by TAXI for students and recent grads interested in a career in advertising
  • Direct Marketing Association - North American professional association for advertisers
  • Cannes Lions Festival - international advertising festival
  • Advertising World - from the University of Texas, a comprehensive marketing communications directory
  • CARD Magazine - website for Canadian Advertising Rates and Data, an essential resource for anyone involved in media planning or buying

travel-related sites:

  • Contiki - Australian travel company that runs tours for 18-35 year olds - my tour of Europe was with Contiki and it was great!
  • Travel Cuts - travel agency helping students travel on a budget
  • Universal currency converter - useful for travellers
  • - resource for backpackers, featuring hostel reviews, packing advice, cheap flight tactics, and tons of other valuable advice
  • Europe on pocket change - how to travel without breaking the bank

jewish and israel-related sites:

  • Myths and Facts - book by Michell J. Bard, published online in its entirety, that comprehensively dispells many of the most common myths about mideast politics. A must-read!
  • Jerusalem Post - English-language version of the Israeli daily newspaper
  • Ha’aretz - another Israeli newspaper, with a different editorial perspective
  • B’nai Brith Canada - human rights and community organization
  • Canada-Israel Committee - dedicated to promoting and advancing relations between the two countries
  • Frequently asked questions - site by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, outlining the official Israeli government position on many of the issues
  • Oranim-Birthright - offering free 10-day trip to Israel. Yes, really.   I went on this in 2001 and it was the experience of a lifetime. If you’re Jewish, 18-27 years old, and have never been on an organized educational tour to Israel, check it out.
  • MEMRI - the Middle East Media Research Institute - with translations from Hebrew and Arabic of local mideast media sources into seven different languages
  • - site dedicated to ensuring Israel receives fair and unbiased treatment in the international media
  • CAMERA - Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America
  • Judaism 101 - many frequently-asked questions answered
  • Jewish history timeline - useful site for papers and research projects