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Music, to me, is one of the most powerful and important influences on my life. I believe that music is the poetry of our generation. The music of my favourite bands and artists has the power to affect my mood, to uplift and inspire or to expand my imagination.

Like Rob in the movie High Fidelity (and many other people, Iíd imagine), I think that music is usually experienced autobiographically.  In other words, a song will remind me of a time or place or experience or person, and when I put all those songs together, I get not only the music of an era, but what amounts to, essentially, a soundtrack of my life.

This section of the site contains info about some of my favourite bands and artists, a listing and reviews of concerts Iíve been to, and some random thoughts about music in general.

Yep, thatís me with Ross Childress, (former) lead guitarist of Collective Soul


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