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Terrorist bastards

Israeli rocket shield


Some good news, for a change: Gaza’s Hamas rulers have suffered back-to-back setbacks with Israel’s successful test of a rocket shield and Egypt’s push to block smuggling tunnels. The Iron Dome rocket defence system, reportedly to be deployed near Gaza in May, would deprive Hamas of its main leverage against Israel – the threat of […]

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Negotiating with terrorists


A deal for the release of kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was said to be “imminent”, but now seems to have stalled. The stumbling block? Hamas wants the release of some of its most heinous murderers in exchange: Hamas officials refused to say which names were holding up the deal. But the -based Arabic daily al-Hayat said […]

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Weekend update


The 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall was commemorated with free outdoor concerts and celebrations this weekend. The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the Obama healthcare reform bill in a narrow vote – a crucial first step towards a complete overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system. But, as the New York […]

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Another truce for Hamas to blatantly violate


Reports out of Egypt that Hamas is going to agree to a long-term truce with Israel for Gaza. Read between the lines. We have: The truce being contingent on the re-opening of border crossings. Translation: Hamas is low on weapons supplies, and wants a time-out with easy access to re-arm. An expiry date on the […]

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The Friendship Train


By now, most everyone knows about the terrorist bombing on the Samjhauta Express train between India and Pakistan, which killed at least 66 people: Two bombs exploded aboard a train bound from India to Pakistan, sparking a fire that killed at least 66 passengers on Monday, an apparent attempt to sabotage a peace process between […]

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Terrorism in Greece


It appears as though the people who attacked the U.S. Embassy in Athens were domestic terrorists: An anti-tank shell was fired at the U.S. embassy early Friday, striking the front of the building but causing no injuries. Greece’s Public Order Minister said the blast was probably an act of domestic terrorism — raising fears of […]

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Er, which one is Al Qaeda again?


Under Republican control, the House Intelligence committee may have been stubbornly ignorant. But under Democratic control, it appears that they will be just plain ignorant: Rep. Silvestre Reyes of Texas, who incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tapped to head the Intelligence Committee when the Democrats take over in January, failed a quiz of basic […]

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Another hudna?


Looks like it. A limited one, anyway. Or, as Meryl would say, another “shudna”. Noteworthy: this would apply only to rockets, not “other” forms of attack, such as suicide bombing… which is now apparently a favoured activity among the geriatric set, too. What, knitting needles were too boring? Anyway, we’ve all seen this song-and-dance a […]

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5 years later


Has it really been five years? It seems like just yesterday when I was waking up to the news that a plane had struck the World Trade Center. How could any of us have known, at that moment, that life would forever be defined as “before” and “after” that moment? How could we have realized […]

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No surprises here


Hezbollah’s latest cheerleader? None other than George Galloway: Who’s surprised? (Hat tip: Eric).

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