[collective soul]
counting crows]
our lady peace]
chantal kreviazuk]


The top Canadian band on my list, Our Lady Peace is another band I could never get tired of. Although their second CD, Clumsy, got the most publicity and had the highest sales, I think it's probably my least favourite of their five CDs. Naveed, their debut album, will probably always be my all-time favourite, although Happiness comes close.  Spiritual Machines, OLP's first attempt at a concept album, is absolutely incredible! The album inspired me to read Ray Kurzweil’s book, which was one of the most interesting books I’ve read in a long time.  And OLP just release Gravity, their fifth album and one that’s rapidly becoming my favourite.

Musically, OLP has a unique sound that is at once catchy and masterful. Raine Maida can't carry a tune for the life of him but, oddly enough, that only adds to the appeal of their music. His vocals just seem to fit. The band has also gone through a number of lineup changes, most recently replacing guitarist Mike Turner with Steve Mazur. Raine is actually technically the only remaining original band member. But despite the shuffles in membership, OLP has managed to maintain a consistant and constantly maturing sound.

I've seen OLP in concert four times: at
Edgefest 97, at the Molson Centre in 98 on the Clumsy tour, in February of 2000 on the Happiness tour, and at MusiquePlus in February of 2001 at a special intimate show. I will admit that they are one band I prefer on CD than in concert. Their live show often comes off as more impersonal than I like. It's too bad I had to miss seeing them at a small club show in December of 2000 but I had to study for exams :(

If you're looking for more information on Our Lady Peace, check out
my Our Lady Peace site at my Canadian Music website.  Or, for more updated info, visit their official site at ourladypeace.com, or Rich and Shelley’s awesome site.