Anti-Chavez demonstrations in Venezuela


Now here’s something you don’t see every day: Protests against the Left. In Venezuela, tens of thousands of protesters are marching to support a giant strike against President Hugo Chavez.

This isn’t exactly breaking news. Chavez hasn’t been winning too many popularity contests for a while now. But it occurs to me that we tend to associate large-scale strike or protest movements with the Left, but in this case, they’re protesting because they consider Chavez too far left.

Pro- and anti-Chavez demonstrations have taken place almost daily during the work stoppage called by business, labour and opposition politicians on Dec. 2 to force Chavez to resign or submit to early elections.

They say Chavez’s leftist policies and autocratic style have ruined the Venezuelan economy.

With all our focus on the Mideast, it’s easy to lose sight of important developments in other parts of the world. But the situation in Venezuela is getting more out of control by the day, and certainly merits a close watch.

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